#16 Python Tutorial for Beginners | Import Math Functions in Python


Python Tutorial to learn Python programming with examples
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In this video we will see:
– Mathematical function
– In built function
– Calling Function
– Import in Python
– Floor function
– Ceil function
– Pow function
– Printing pi value
– Finding square root by sqrt function
– Changing name of inbuilt function
– Importing only some part from Math

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  1. Well print(math.floor/ceil()) works good but when 2.00000000000000000000000000000000001 is type with ceil it still shows 2. And same with a 2.999999999999999999999999999999999

  2. After watching your videos my mind or my programmed conscience has done a decision of my self whenever I get your teaching helpful in future I 'll certainly donate a good guru dakshina to your channel as i considering you as modern rishi, muni or guru whatever . Hats off to you man.

  3. Watching your video in 2020 , gaining some skills , your are aswm man , the way you clearing each concept,+ short clips and at end of video some work ♥️. Great work sir

  4. Your videos are too fine to understand and well short-time videos is never too easy to explain but you proved it.

  5. Hi sir,
    I have compared answer of m.sin(45)*2=1.701 python,

    But in my scientific calculator
    Can you u explain it sir.

  6. Import math as m
    I am facing the issue of
    NameError: name 'math' is not defined..
    Help me out 😔!!!

  7. what about trigonometry functions i got with …""print(math.asin( )) "" what shd i have to mention can any one plz tell me…with examples

  8. hi hello navin
    may i ask u for books that i can read from it ..because i searh and i can't find good books
    you can put some links for books u recommend and thank u

  9. 1. 7 << 2 = bin(7) = 0b111 + 00 = 0b11100 = 28
    2. 125 | 265(bitwise or) = 381
    3. 652 ^ 125(bitwise xor) = 753
    4. (288 << 2) >> (26 // 6) =
    bin(288) << 2 = 0b100100000 + 00 >> 4
    ie. lose 4 bits from the end .
    0b1001000 = 72 .
    loving your way of teaching sir , thank you for these priceless tutorials.

  10. Thanks for great video. Quick question on this one ? after importing math module how come pow(4,5) works but sqrt still need math.sqrt(25) and not just sqrt(25)??


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