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Pokemon is a pretty inspirational game – here are 20 quotes to prove it.
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Hello! I had hoped to put this up on Saturday 27th of February but due to editing circumstances I couldn’t. So, with that, HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY POKEMON!

For me this franchise is embedded in me, I have played every game, watched each series of the anime, followed news closely and despite growing up in years I’ve never quite lose the grip that Pokemon has on me.

Also, I know this video is a little bit weird. I’m a little bit weird. Also Also there is a random word missing from some of the quotes. That’s my bad, I thought I had it all right!

Having played all the games I’ve noted, over the years, the profound things that NPCS, trainers etc say to you in passing and in battle. I did a bit of scouring on the internet to see if anyone else had noticed the weird things NPCs said but I was met with a lot of funny quotes and while I enjoyed them I thought it would be a good idea to create a video based souly on the ‘inspirational’ things said in the game.

And the quotes are as follows:

20. POKEMON RUBY: Trainer on the Cyclist Road
“There’s no need to panic or stress. Take it easy. There’s plenty of time”
19. POKEMON YELLOW: Trainer on Route 14
“By fighting tough battles you get stronger”
18. POKEMON GOLD/SILVER: Trainer Route 42
“Losing feels insignificant – if you look up at the sky!”
17. POKEMON WHITE/BLACK 2: Trainer on route 4
“Go to many places, speak to many people and good things will happen for you”
16. POKEMON PLATINUM: Trainer at Pastoria City Gym
“If you lose sight of yourself, that’s when you’re set to lose”
15. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE: Trainer at Route 7
“If you keep walking someday you’ll arrive at your destination”
“You can’t change your family but you can change how you interact with one and other”
13. POKEMON RUBY/SAPPHIRE: Trainer on route 104
“If you need to make a difficult decision and you let someone else decide for you, you will regret it, no matter how it turns out”
12. POKEMON CRYSTAL: Trainer on route 39
“You know how Pokemon have different abilities? People are like that to. Everyone has different potential”
11. Pokemon Yellow: Trainer on Route 15
“You only live once”
“If we live a monotonous life do we get used to it and stop thinking about changing it?”
9. POKEMON X/Y: Professor Sycamore
“Accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your own, and think about what’s really important–this will truly broaden your horizons”
“No one has the right to take anyone’s future away or anyone’s world…”
7. POKEMON PEARL/DIAMOND: Trainer on route 216
“You can make all the preparations in the world but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work”
“The world awaited your birth, not only yours either. The pokemon with you. The people close to you. All pokemon and people were born because they have a part in the world. I am convinced by that”
5. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE: Trainer in Pinewheel forest
“Knowing something and being able to do something seem pretty similar, but they can be very different”
4. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE: Trainer in Twist mountain
“The more you fight the stronger you’ll be. The more you dig the bigger the hole will be. If you have a purpose there is no wasted effort
3. POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE 2: Team Plasma, Seven Sages
“Just as you say our apologising doesn’t solve anything. But you can’t move forward unless you admit you were wrong and apologies”
“It’s not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction. This is truly the formula for changing the world”
“Ever since I was a little girl, I have always turned my eyes up to the sky. When I was so full of uncertainty that I felt my heart might be crushed by it… When I was so grief-stricken and alone I thought my heart might break of it… I turned and looked up there… so that my tears would never, ever fall.
What about you? Have you ever had to do something like that?”
What three things did you learn from this video? Was it:
1. There are 722 pokemon to catch
2. I get real deep, too deep

All music comes from the Pokemon games. Each quote was accompanied by music from the route, gym, place etc that it came from.
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  1. "If you get strong, you can move forward. If you move forward, you'll be stronger. That's the cool thing about journeys!" Pokémon Black and White, NPC in Accumula Town.

  2. Thanks for your video, it's the only one I found with many of the lesser known, but still deep, quotes from common npcs, all the others only have the famous ones for the most part. Not only among the videos, actually. I searched through all the internet, and yours was the best source for npc's best quotes up to now.
    I'd like to ask, and it's very important to me, I searched for hours and days, if there's a place where to read more of them, or even all of them. Did you search them yourself while playing the games, or you used some source? I read somewhere you have a top 50, so you know many more than these, right? Sadly I don't have time anymore to replay all the games and write them up personally, and they would cheer me up enormously. Please, thanks!

  3. I love pokemon black and whit/ black and wite two SOOO much. Everyone hates on them, saying their pokemon and graphics are lackluster, but the story and quotes are so amazing, they really taught me a lot, i will always love you gen 5 <3

  4. (Looker asks why they picked a dark alley, saying kids need sunshine.) "Oh, really? Well… Mimi and I have always lived in alleys, so I don't know much about sunshine." (Looker inquires about her family.) "They're gone. I'm alone."

    I loved the Looker Missions in X and Y, and Emma may be one of my favorite characters in a Pokemon Game. Her story is inspiring and a little heart wrenching. Since I love this character so much, it makes me really mad/sad when people say X and Y didn't have that much of a post game. Some people deny it exists entirely!

  5. There are bad ways to win and good ways to lose, what's scary and worrying is that its not always so clear which is which.
    A tossed coin doesn't always land heads or tails, sometimes it may never land at all

  6. "Variety is the spice of life. Without it, life is bland." -Lenora, A normal type gym leader in the 5th gen games, stated at an unknown point in the story (AKA I forgot when she said this)

  7. I finished watching every video on this channel, and now I don't know what to do. Nor do I know why this was the last I watched; this kind of thing would normally have been the first. Glad I subscribed, though, this channel manages to be simultaneously deep and hilarious, and I thoroughly enjoy that.

  8. I will always remember once quote said by a little boy walking by a pond on route 117 in Hoenn, "The air is tasty here!"

  9. I like how the quotes are a lot different to the ones I usually see on YouTube. Pokémon has always been inspirational to me and has taught me both practical skills as well as morals. The theme songs that just randomly interrupt: love it ahaha

  10. "People used to come to my place and play games line crazy. Good times. Sigh… Times change." great video, I'm looking forward to your future content.

  11. I liked the bit where it was raining Pokemon badges.
    Also cough cough (shiny charizard and M Charizard X)

  12. My favorite quote of all time is from Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back.
    "I realize now that the circumstances of one's birth is irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life, that determines who you are." -Mewtwo

  13. I enjoyed watching your video and I had a lot of fun listening to your jokes. My favorite quote is the first theme song itself that tells us to be the very best.
    I try to put my 100% in everything I do. I can't wait to see more of your content.

  14. I think your videos are amazing, and it's great how much effort you put into all your videos, no matter your subscriber count. You are great, keep going, and you earned a subscriber today.

    btw you spell "apologize" with a z not s. 😉 I'm not a grammar Nazi.

  15. My favorite is from Duchess Rosalie [a Furisode Girl in the Battle Chateau]: "So you keep on working hard and you keep on getting older and you keep on saving till you accumulate modest riches… But then how are you going to use your money then, let alone really enjoy it? If that's the case, isn't it better to live in the now, with all the brilliance of a short-lived cherry blossom just waiting to fall?"

  16. Strong Pokémon, weak Pokémon, that's just the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should fight with the Pokémon they love best." – Karen, Johto Elite Four member.

  17. https://plus.google.com/101700419832707251773/posts/UBAYFdVKQja







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