2D SANS VS CHARA BATTLE | Undertale: The Judgement (Undertale fangame)


This Undertale fan game has Sans fight Chara in a 2D styled platformer-fighter!

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About:(dev description) The Judgement is a 2D platform Undertale fangame that I made for fun during the summer. In the game you play Sans to fight Chara in the end of the genocide run. Don’t give up on trying!

Nguồn: https://chaoticpharmacology.com/

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  1. Ok so I got a question , I played the game , I want to play it again , BUT like in the undertale pacifist , it's not letting me enter to the gmae , I tried to erase the files ,BUT the names were complicated so I ask for help.

  2. hey mairusu the blue bar on the top left is the Bad Time Bar if its all the way down sans starts to sleep and if chara hits you you get a sleeping animation and then you lose

  3. Chara's gender is Female and Frisk is Male, if you're thinking im assuming genders, you should GO AHEAD AND ASK TOBY FOX FOR THEIR GENDERS SO DONT YOU FUCKING MAKE ME BRING YOU TO HIM.

  4. ( spoiler alert ) If you annoy chara in the happy ending she would say " LETS PLAY :)" and thats the reason why you don,t annoy chara


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