30 of the WEIRDEST Pokémon NPC Quotes of All Time


Pokemon has had a history of including really funny, interesting, and quirky NPCs in their games over the years, but these NPCs also tend to say some REALLY weird stuff. from the original Red and Blue, to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Pokemon NPCs have said some of the strangest things that will leave you speechless wondering exactly whose idea it was to include in the game, and this trend will probably continue in Pokemon Switch/Gen 8 as well. So, I’ve decided to gather as many of these weird quotes as I could find and I’m here to share with you guys the 30 WEIRDEST ones I could fine. I hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Erika is 18 and this elderly man is staring inside her gym's window. Really suspicious…..

  2. Here’s one! “Hmm.. I’m looking for a gift for my girlfriend… I could get her a water stone, but who knows! She might evolve!”

  3. When I first started playing Pokémon Sword.. when Leon said “did you have a good nights sleep? Did you build up some trust? Maybe even a bit of love?” I thought that Leon was talking about me and Hop lol then hop was like “Yeah!” And I was like what?

  4. I recall some of chairman roses when hop and I Where storming his base he first casually asks us if we have life insurance… but after I beat him and his partner he mentioned that he didn’t get battle insurance I just laughed after I realized that it’s actually ten yo protagonist insurance as the protagonist is the only one that goon fights.

  5. I was laughing from just before halfway throught to the end. It was hilarious. You really should do more of those.

  6. I have a harvest moon game and tried to give a gift to someone and the game said "now is not the time to for gifts" video game grammar at its finest.

  7. I love the seductive "Unovan Hunter" on the ferris wheel. 😀 Like: "Oh hey! I have a few questions: U ever had "fun" with a hiker? … What ya mean, that's not your "thing"? Come on, you're broke and young, you NEED the money! Dont't worry bout the cam, it's for private use. Uuh, you're a sweaty boy…"

  8. I have one at pokemon red
    When you trade a man a raicju he gives you an electrode and then he says "it went and Evolved!"
    When i saw this i said

  9. Here's one I found in the Battle Tower in Sword and Shield:

    "I won't raise any Pokémon that don't have adorable backsides to watch in battle."

    Like, whaaat? How does the cuteness of a Pokémon's posterior matter in any context?


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