5 Gaming Banners AND HOW TO MAKE THEM!


In this video i want to share with you my 5 favourite retro gaming banners! i haven’t designed any of these myself but i love them regardless and i’ve here to show you how to make them!

Banner Playlist –

Real World Building Playlist –

Park Playlist –

Theme Park Playlist –

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  1. Omg I was saying the games when he said I got 4 right but for sonic I said Sanic so comment if I got all eight or that is wrong

  2. To me MY AWESERS:
    1st Pokemon
    2nd Space Invaders
    3rd Sonic the Hedgehog
    4th Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield
    5th Super Mario Bros BRICK

  3. here's some ideas I thought you might have fun building:

    medieval Inn
    Dragomborns helmet (skyrim)
    skull house
    ufo spaceship picking something up (cow for example)

    also I think it would be really cool if you made a medieval town, like how you did the water park, the camp and stuff make it like a season of different builds. love your videos and keep up the good work!


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