ADATA SSD SU800 256GB Speed Tests


Adata SSD SU800 Prices:

Here we are with another SSD Speed test and the Adata SU800 256GB is as you guys can see on the video, impressing in terms of sustainable sppeds staying on the 450 Megabytes per Second Mark both on read speeds and on write speeds.

Maximum speed achieved was 450 Megabytes per second on Writes and 500 Megabytes per Second on Reads

It is a SSD to consider, specially having in mind that it achieve a higher performance than some of the most popular brands out there.

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  1. Hello Roberto Jorge, I'm in the market to buying a new SSD. Do speeds vary depending on the size of the SSD hard drive? I'm thinking of buying a 2 TB ADATA. I'm enjoying your videos and thank you in advance!

  2. I give you my humble technical opinion; ADATA is lousy, I bought a SU800 Ultimate 256GB for my notebook and when exactly 06 months passed, the S.O. crushed! I perform a hard reset. Never again started and I did everything … ADATA NEVER MORE! I've been with my new Kingstone UV400 240GB for a year now and work like a champ!

  3. Hey I am planning on getting this sad for my 15in MacBook pro (mid 2010). I am total noob to upgrading my MacBook. Can I use this ssd in my MacBook?

  4. kingston v300 and su800, which one to choose for building a new desktop? currently i am using a adata sx900 on my laptop, pretty good, and kingston v300 actually has the same controller sf2281 with the sx900, but i heard the new tlc nano technology will be the trend,so any advice?

  5. There are reputable brands such as kingston; samsung and sandisk… If You compare that brand with those ones which are reputable is it worth to pay more to upgrade pentium core to due laptop… as far as i know old laptop can reach 130 rpm wrting speed per second at most….so should i buy more popular brand than Adata? is it sensitve? or wasting money


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