ADATA SU800 SSD Review


ADATA Ultimate SU800 Review

Prices at the time of the video:
128GB $89 AUD
128GB $59 USD


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Test Bench SPECS
Motherboard – Gigabyte G1 sniper Z170X Motherboard
CPU – Intel Core i7 7700K
Graphics Card – ASUS Radeon RX 480 8GB
Storage – Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB SSD
Memory – Corsair LPX 16GB DDR4


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  1. Nice video. Just bought 6 of these off ebay for $103 each. Upgrading all my custom pc's to 1tb ssd's and 1tb storage drives.

  2. My problem with many of these reviews is that one piece of important information is missing: Endurance (in TBW). How long will it last in heavy writing circumstances?

  3. my nvme ssd 512gb toshiba died on me or idk wth happened to it but i js bought this. Should i cancel the order because im worried this isn't going to last long.

  4. OMG this is the worst review ever. not comprehensive. I can barely understand him due to the idiotic techno music playing in the background. Dude!! Grow-up and do a real review

  5. Have you ever upgrade this ssd firmware with os or data on it? I have this ssd but a bit afraid to update the firmware, since there is a warning for firm update that it will cause data loss. Thanks

  6. Only one thing to say….. Why the frak did you include an NVMe into the chart? Makes no flipping sense.
    Not even remotely in the same league as SATA III and not even a comparison.

    So dumb to even try and compare the two completely different storage types.

    It's like trying to compare an old Ford Focus to a brand new Lamborghini Performante.

    Seriously. Waste of time to put that in there.

    Otherwise though, I appreciated the initial comparison and testing to other similarly priced and competing products.

  7. If you selling ADATA it's a good deal. If you are buying expect failure within days or couple of months, it happened to me. Also read the user reviews.

  8. Stay away from all Adata products! They are a “you get what you pay for” brand. Just spend the extra money and get a Crucial or Samsung Evo. Trust me!

  9. Have a Question?

    Question is regarding SSD SATA III Cable.. how do you differentiate between SATA and SATA III Cable.. (Physically)

  10. I'm quite sure you mixed up the read and write speed results from 4:30 to 5:00. Read speeds are faster than write speeds.

  11. I give you my humble technical opinion; ADATA is lousy, I bought a SU800 Ultimate 256GB for my notebook and when exactly 06 months passed, the S.O. crushed! I perform a hard reset. Never again started and I did everything … ADATA NEVER MORE! I've been with my new Kingstone UV400 240GB for a year now and work like a champ!

  12. What should I get between SU800, SU650, AND SP900? And is Adata the best budget friendly brand and reliable for ssd?


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