Battle of the Ports – Paper Boy (ペーパーボーイ) Show #153 – 60fps


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This has been one of the most requested shows I get mails about so it’s finally here. Let’s take a look at Paperboy!

Time Code

00:25 – Arcade
02:06 – MS Dos
03:05 – Amiga
04:26 – BBC Micro / Acorn Electron
05:55 – Apple ][
06:57 – Commodore Plus 4 / C16
08:14 – Amstrad CPC (Spanish Release)
09:17 – Amstrad CPC (UK Release)
10:29 – ZX Spectrum
11:42 – Commodore 64
12:44 – Atari ST
13:43 – Master System
14:54 – Famicom / NES
16:16 – Mega Drive
17:25 – Game Gear
18:26 – Gameboy
19:28 – Gameboy Colour
20:42 – Atari Lynx
22:15 – All versions side by side



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  1. By far the Lynx was the most accurate. I remember being disappointed one port after another as there never really was anything as good as the Lynx. The Genesis, and C64 versions really were the worst of them all.

  2. I reckon with the Tiertex Master System port, they had a kid on work experience do the programming who went back to his paper round afterwards.

  3. The ZX Spectrum version may have monochrome graphics, but it scrolls much smoother than the rest of the 8 bit versions AND plays really well too IMO.

  4. Tiertex doing a good port? I'm certain that on that day, was the first signal of the incoming Apocalypse.

  5. There exists a GBA port of this game, which shares the same cartridge with a remake of Rampage.
    While I like the port, others don't, and I can kinda see why. The music can get pretty annoying. The GBA was capable of better sound quality. Speaking of sound, it does contain voice samples from the original game, but some of them sound out of place, such as saying "One less customer" when he breaks a window, even if it's the window of a non-subscrober. The hit detection can be a little wonky at times, and the bike veers to the right a-la Desert Bus. Also, the game has some glitches, such as being able to pass through houses, and actually being able to exceed the game's boundaries in some areas.
    I still like the port, though. What do you think?

  6. Watching the Amiga port, one thing I did notice the was presence of fences placed over sidewalks. That was never in the arcade version and it comes off a bit annoying how they put them there, but as you said, it seems to make the game harder.

  7. I knew you'd bitch about the Atari ST version, just like every other fucker bitches about it, saying "Amiga is better" – FUCK AMIGA!

  8. With regards to your comment about the Spectrum version not being “a looker”, colour would have had to have been limited because otherwise there would have been ghastly colour-clash all over the place. The important thing is that it plays well, is fast and you can clearly see what’s going on.

  9. You didn't even mention the awful collision detection in the NES version?

  10. I used to play Paperboy 2, which is more an enhanced version than a proper sequel IMHO, a lot on the MD. And much like Hard Drivin' (funny considering they were both by Tengen), I had a blast vandalizing everything instead of playing the game properly (one of the reasons being that my English was severely limited at the time). In fact, I didn't start playing Paperboy as it should be until recent years!

  11. One thing I found creepy about this game is why do people houses have headstones it just creepy

  12. Paper Boy was never my thing, but it is fun to play once in a while. The guys voice from the arcade version sounds the same for 720 degrees skate boarding arcade game though. How come you never tried to shoot at the bulls-eyes in the training courses or at least that I did not notice anyway.

  13. When I was a kid, I had no idea that "Paperboy" was originally an arcade game from the 1980s because I remember it being released for the NES and Game Boy.

  14. I got to say I'm really impressed with the Amiga version of Paperboy, the graphics and the music are top notch for the system and makes you wonder why there were so many bad arcade ports for the system. I grew up with the Mega Drive version which is a pretty decent port as well and has most of the voices from the Arcade original and the music in the Mega Drive version is nice too even if it's inferior to the arcade and Amiga versions.

  15. About the Plus/4 version:
    – it has been coded to run on C16, that means the game only uses a very limited memory on Plus/4;
    – you've run Paperboy+, a hack which includes a (not so good) converted C64 picture in the very beginning.

  16. And while the MD version of Paperboy is pretty good too.. but I had Paperboy 2 for the system and its so much better 🙂

  17. Damn its true, what the heck, the SMS version has the Moon Patrol music!!!!! I didn't remember this!

    I didn't know the SMS version was made by tiertex . I remember playing back at the day and really enjoyed it. Who would say a Tiertex game could actually be good.

    The SMS version is probably the 2nd best home port, behind the Amiga one.

  18. Is it me, or is the main level music on the SMS and GG ports the theme from Moon Patrol? Also, the pseudo-emulated version for PS1 on "Midway Presents Arcade's Greatest Hits: the Atari Collection 2" and two other arcade compilations by Midway (Midway Collection 2 and Arcade Party Pak) will only partially-work on a PS2 (mainly component or RGB) if video settings are set to arcade resolution. Common problem with Midway's retro compilations, as it had games which originally ran on 24KHz monitors (meaning games like PaperBoy on APP would run in 480i). When I get home from out of state, I'll test over composite and s-video and see if the result is the same.

  19. I'm really impressed with how well the Amiga port was done since this is my first time seeing it in action for that platform. My personal favorite is the Genesis port and I spent a fairly good amount of time with the Sega Master System version as well. But after seeing this video it's just begging for a Paperboy 2 Battle Of The Ports lol. 😀

  20. Good to hear there are some good ports for the cpc! I had the good port back in the day. The silence never bothered me!

  21. Err? I don't know if you noticed, but you can slow down in the C64 version to avoid obstacles! It is probably one of the easier versions. I have beaten it long ago, altough I don't remember if it was with the endless life trainer turned on. Recently when I tried I could get up to Thursday level with no cheating and two days of perfect delivery for the first try.


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