Bloody Wolf (TurboGrafx-16) Game & Watch with MichaelB


In the first of a series of viewer requests, Mike plays Bloody Wolf on the TurboGrafx-16 for his buddy Matt aka. The LJN Defender (Acclaim Defender).

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  1. Maybe before you refer to somebody as your "good friend" you should make sure you can pronounce their name correctly. LOL.

  2. Had this game as a kid, along with a bunch of other Turbo games. My mom threw them all away when I was 9 tho 🙁 all except for Blazing Lasers and Keith Courage and Bonks Adventure

  3. That last time I played this was a couple of months ago on an emulator and before that it's been a little over 20 years ago. I loved this game. I used to beat it all the time. Now for a challenge, try beating it with the turbo off. I couldn't do it

  4. I got this game in a lot with the system and 14 games for 80 bucks…got real lucky as i got most of the classics …splaterhouse, rtype, nuetopia, bonks, sidearms,ordyne and others!!

  5. This looks like quite a decent game, I had not heard of this one before.  Definitely would like to get a copy of this one day.  Seems to go for a far bit though, so will just have to wait until one pops up for the right price.

  6. Weird Question @MichaelBtheGameGenie but at what time do you film your videos?? I ask this because you always drink coffe and Every time I watch one of your videos  I NEED a cup of coffe 🙂

  7. Best…Arnold impression…ever! LOL. Nice job, Mike! I definitely enjoyed this. It reminded me of how brutal that part is, especially that you still don't have the use of your other weapons after rescuing the president. It was also nice to focus more on the music and not have to watch out for bullets galore. It's a great soundtrack for an excellent game, and I really need to give it another try sometime. 

  8. Great job mike so a request maybe u could do some batman games can be from the NES or SNES PS1 Genesis anyone u like and keep doing what ur doing and game on

  9. Cool video in Australia I'm almost certain we didn't get turbo 16 so sega and nintendo was it way cool to see the games we missed out on

    Ok just putting this out there
    I know u like wrestling so how about Saturday night slammasters for snes

    Thanks Mike

  10. The game looks awesome it's like a mix between Metal Slug, Commando, and Contra. Now I want a Turbo Graphics 16. Keep up the good work.

  11. I almost got this game once.  Won an auction on E-Bay and got it, case and manual were in great shape but when I opened it there was a copy of R-Type.  Had to send it back but I did get my money refunded, so whoever got R-Type from they guy got Bloody Wolf and never returned it.

  12. This game looks ace ! I'd be all over it !! I know I requested powerblade on the nes but I would love to see you play some mastersystem Buddy ! 🙂

  13. Yah more TG-16 love.

    Let's see you entire TG-16 collection and top 5 on your want list.

    If you say Magical Chase I will be annoyed lol 😜

    Mix it up like

    Last alert
    Shock man 2
    Utopia 1&2


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