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Buildbox 3 is coming! We take a look at some of the exciting improvements that have been made to the software. 3D is alive and well! Check it out in this video!

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  1. Thank you for adding FREE which doesn't have trials of days.
    This is really helpful to all developers like me who wanted to explore it first(before buying, have a lot of time and days to explore it.) and also for student making their school projects. thank you so much for making BuildBox.

  2. HI, How did you import character with animation? is it obj file animated in Buildbox 3 or it,s fbx files?

  3. The points lights are all dynamic, when I use them in my scene, it runs too slow on mobile.. is there any option to bake lighting?? Or optimise it any other way??

  4. Can you make video's about how to make games liks this, how to do it, and more things. Because i want to make a game like this, but i don't know how to begin

  5. Hi Buildbox. Personally, I live in Turkey and very difficult to buy. But this program stands in myth Is there a way to buy it for my country?

  6. Hi, can you guys make a tutorial explaning how to make this character movement? I cant figure out how to make it. Thanks

  7. The speedbuild looks like making games in roblox but instead just lazily add free toolbox instead of actually model xD

  8. any body tell me how to use buildbox 3D new library assets like hydraulic obstacle and ground spikes.plz tell me how we put distant for wake up?

  9. If you released it with a whole package for the voxelbox soundbox etc.. I would definitely consider😄

  10. Well, that's cool… but the limitations on the price plans need to be reevaluated, since the scene (levels) limitation is ilogic for a commercial game

  11. If I make a game in build box and I published it on app store or play store and someone downloads it do I get real life money on pay pal??


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