Building an FPS Game with Unity vs Game Maker Studio 2


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I gave myself 2 hours to learn each 3D system from scratch. The results aren’t surprising but it definitely opened my eyes to the power of both engines. Let me know your thoughts on Unity and Game Maker’s 3D capabilities.

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  1. This would like to have a word with you about Game Maker.

  2. im planning on making a PS1 styled horror game and i was wondering what software would be better. I was thinking GameMaker because the 3D graphics arent the best. But Unity is easier to use and i can always make the textures look bad.

    Any help is appreciated 🙂

  3. Game Maker is 2D at heart and that's fine, games like Undertale show that graphics ain't everything so they should stay that way and not try to be Unity.

  4. You can definitely make a good looking 3d game in game maker, you just need to know how to write good shaders.

  5. how do it looks with the cost with the different game engines?
    My knowing is that GameMaker cost just 100$ only on steam (and this is for permanent no matter how much you earn with your game) and unity cost 400$ / year if you wanna make money with your game…
    Do I be correct with this? And wouldn't gamemaker studio 2 be the long-term solution if you want to work with 3D in this case?

  6. Game Maker Studio can make cool 3D games : here is my project , a 3D hack&slash game : .
    However, yes … Unity is really a good engine ^^ 🙂

  7. A common misconception is that 3D Gamemaker games are low quality because of Gamemaker. The reality is that Gamemaker doesn't do any of the legwork for you so if you can't build a high quality 3D game from absolute scratch, it's going to look amateur. It's like setting up OpenGL with C#, rendering a polygon or two, and saying it's OpenGL's fault that it looks terrible.

    It's not user friendly, but it certainly isn't Gamemaker's fault.

  8. The literal only advantage something like Unity has over Game maker as far as 3D goes is that it comes with lighting, collisions and a 3D viewport. That only makes it 'better' for 3D for people who are only interested in shitting out a game as fast as possible.

  9. Fun fact: If you can do all the math manually in 3D that GMS2 does for you in 2D, then GMS2 has full 3D support. For those who can already make pixel-perfect instant collision systems, all you really need is a variable in every collidable object specifying its height along the Z axis and you can check for a Z-axis collision with only a small amount of extra difficulty. Hardest part is 3D mapping in a 2D-based level editor – better to find or make your own and load in the exported file.

    I suddenly want to make an open-source GMS2 3D engine.

  10. Umm…Hate to break it to you, but the main reason there's 3d engine in Game maker 2 is expressly for 2.5D– 3d models in a 2d world. They even said as much on the tin…

    Also, while Unity is friendlier coding wise, it's also got a worse pay model than Game Maker 2. Significantly worse, since you owe them royalties effectively. And in no small amount either. That's why people are bothering with GM2's 3d engine; Unity sucks for game sales effectively.

  11. This is because when using c# in unity, you are accessing a 3d rendering engine in a library. You can do the same with game maker, however this is not default. You can use or make any library or port with game maker through the use of extensions. Xtreme3d, Ultimate3d and Ogre3d were ported to bring directx and opengl rendering etc to game maker 5-8. If you use ultimate3d you can export animated models from blender to .u3d with a plugin. If you use html5 in game maker however, you can write any extension in javascript. So you need 3d in the browser? Import a threejs port into game maker and there you have it. In my opinion being able to use any library you want makes game maker a lot more flexible and usable even today. I mean, look at how broken unity multiplayer programming has been and now there is no multiplayer in the latest release and we're waiting for it. Yet in game maker you just import a javascript wrapper and you have everything you need to complete a game.

  12. an option to put 3D objects, or scan them and put them in as 2.5D in Game maker would be nice.
    game maker has the ability to make games like Ori and the blind forest if the 3D object support was a bit better.
    even in a 2D plane.

  13. I thing better is unreal engine for this year games and unity is good engine if is used corecly but fps maker is a big CRAAP

  14. Gamemaker can be awesome with 3d with tools like 3d models, which are easy to add (gmmod), terrain like hills and valleys, lighting, texture filtering, etc. RealTutsGML, I have followed you for a long time but this really hurt me.
    I am sorry.


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