Burnt GameBoy Pocket Covered In Stickers! (eBay Repair Challenge)


This week we take a look at a Nintendo GameBoy Pocket from Japan. Unfortunately the robot I intended on repairing wasn’t actually faulty and I didn’t want to give you all another video just taking it apart and cleaning it. Hopefully this video was a bit more exciting!

Ebay Repair Challenge Participants:
Steve from TronicsFix:
Vince from My Mate Vince:
Elliot from The Retro Future:
Paul from Tampatec:

eBay Repair Challenge Rules:
1) Whoever makes the most profit wins.
2) Item specifications:
Week 1 – Electronic item manufactured before the year 2000
Week 2 – Mechanical item (clock/ automatic watch/ clockwork toy) – It can be a mix of mechanical and electric but must have moving parts.
Week 3 – Modern game console made after 2010
Week 4 – Antique item – Anything manufactured before 1990
Week 5 – An item of our choosing
3) A maximum of 5 items
4) Financial restrictions: Start with $200 and we can roll the profits into our next purchases. At no point can we put more than $200 of “our own” money into the pot for purchases.
5) Everything has to be bought and sold on eBay

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  1. I'm seeing this 7months after the post date so I have a question: do you use any hydrogen peroxide to bleach your old consoles or you just keep them yellowed?

  2. I have a scrapbook with 3 pages of stickers from Japanese Nintendo Sony Sega handheld consoles. I'm very carful in removing them.
    Love Life:) Inlakesh

  3. A little tip with getting the polarising filter on perfect is to cut it slightly bigger, stick it on, then trim off the edges with a sharp Stanley knife

  4. Where did you buy the large adhesive polarizer sheet from. I am looking for a UK seller of A4 polarizing sheets.

  5. Can't say how sympathic you are. Watching your Videos is like some kind of Yoga to me. Thanks for your great videos. Go on without a Change! Greatings from Germany.

  6. Very good video! I enjoyed this video as a Japanese. Hirasawa is a popular name in japan. hahaha…
    Many kids wrote his name on gameboy cartridge when i was a child.
    I am very glad to see that the gameboy goes UK from Japan. Long long journey. 🙂

  7. I removed the polarized filter of my GBC and it stills with a burned mark in the center, even with a new one the center of the screen did not work, so is it broken?

  8. Hello, I have an original gameboy advance and the speaker is extremely quiet is there any particular reason for this.

  9. Hi,
    This might be a bit late and you might not even read this comment, but I just wanted to let you know something I've been doing that will save you a lot of pain in the future, and it's quite simple: get yourself a polarizer sheet with no adhesive, and just place it on top of the screen. Make sure it is bigger than the screen (I would recommend you to cut it to fit the dimensions on the shell itself) to make sure that it stays there and does not move around.
    Next time you want to replace it (in case you need that) you won't struggle with it.

  10. What would be the best soldering kit for me cause I'm just getting into handheld or console repairing/refurbishing


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