Classic Game Room – BLOODY WOLF review for PC-Engine


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Classic Game Room reviews BLOODY WOLF for the PC-Engine from Data East, an amazing, humorous run and gun shooter which is like Rambo III meets Ikari Warriors meets Shock Troopers on the PC-Engine and Turbografx-16!

CGR Bloody Wolf review has Bloody Wolf YouTube review footage recorded from PC-Engine (the Japanese Turbografx-16) video game system.


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  1. "How many games give you the privilege of shooting a submarine with a machine gun?"

    Operation C, Metal Slug

  2. I fucking loved this game on my turbo express, the soundtrack and sound FX are unbelievable, way better than the arcade version

  3. My dad had a turbo graphics still workimg when i was growing up and he had bloody wolf and i loved that game so very very very very much i did speed runs of it and i got up to 35 min roughly but when the turbo graphics broke i loos my ability to play the game and i havent played it in close or more than a decade when i ask people about this game they have never heard of it and when i said that this was my childhood than they get interested in the game and i show them the soundtrack and gameplay of it and i get so many goom memories of my childhood playing that game and 8 bit Mario

  4. I really liked this game also but if you haven't reviewed it yet maybe you could make a review for the arcade version of prisoners of War which reminds me a decent amount like this game but I really liked both prisoners of war the arcade version and bloody wolf on the turbografix-16 but check out that game if you haven't already prisoners-of-war the arcade version.

  5. I believe the arcade version had two different English translations. One of them, with a different name (Battle-something, Battle Masters? I think) is so hilariously terrible. Has Mark reviewed that?

  6. I have this game with its case and manual. Played it on my TurboExpress during the early 90s while working as a security guard in Manhattan. Good times. 😉

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  8. I had this game back in the day & always laughed at the way every solider dies the same way. They look up at the sky and raise there left hand! It's funny as shit!

  9. Looks like a good game but seems to lag a lot from some if the footage in this review from space! Maybe that's why it's lagging!

  10. I remember playing this, especially the music. And the guys singing to the heavens right before dying. We used to pretend they were doing opera.


    I've used to play this game in arcades back in 1989/90 and didn't remember this name. As it wasn't released in the main console systems I never saw the home version. Thanx for give me back this good memory.


  12. This game is very hard when without turbo button(original pcengine gamepad)
    Turbo button make your normal gun very powerfull.

    When fist time I play metalslug1,I really think that gameplay really like Bloody wolf a lot.

  13. Played this game at a friend's house when I was young. The music from the game itself brings back nostalgic memories. Awesome review!


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