Create a custom multiplayer game with Core in under 10 Minutes


With Core and the included multiplayer frameworks, you can create and customize a multiplayer game quickly and easily! Learn how to place objects, drag and drop materials, and add custom game rules.

This video is part of the Core Academy course. Prior to proceeding with creating your first game in Core, it is recommended you view the Intro to the Core Editor video here:

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Core is an endless universe of games and worlds designed by a global community of creators. It’s a radically accessible game construction kit, content exchange, and game-playing platform, all in one. With Core, you can create multiplayer games, using the power of Unreal Engine, with no coding or art skills required. When you’re ready to share your creations, publish them to the Core platform where they’ll be instantly available to play. Core has everything you need to bring your idea to life and reach millions of gamers – it’s your own personal game studio!

Core is free and in Open Alpha. Start creating and playing now!


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  1. can you change the weapons handling? like, say if i want to create a tactical shooter akin to SOCOM or Rainbow 6, would i be able to customize the weapon accuracy, fire rate, or even player movement ?
    also, custom 3D asset support?

  2. THIS I LIKE!!! is it hard as unreal engine? or more noob friendly? can i create like a configurator product with this engine? can i export to android? or IOS? can i add custom made object from 3d software?

  3. Hi, this engine looks interesting i want to create some levels in here is this completely free or should i pay anything
    edit its downloading

  4. Would it be possible to make an adventure type game on this that is 1 player something like Horizon Zero Dawn or god of war not as big as them but something like them without coding

    Edit: and is it possible to make ai without coding for the game

  5. Got a recommended article on CORE? I'd like to learn more about what CORE is such as where it comes. Just heard about it today being promoted in the IGDA Game Jam.

  6. I gotta say, while this program is in its very early stages, I'm actually very impressed with how easy it is to make a game. These tutorials are also extremely helpful.

  7. Hey this honestly looks amazing as an indie developer myself using unreal, I'm really intrigued to make the switch I was just wondering if there is going to be more tutorials on scripting since lua is a little foreign to me spending a-lot of time in c++ thanks in advance.

  8. I was doing my homework and watched some Youtube and saw that video , the engine, I ran down to my Pc and immediatly downloaded it. WOOW you did a relly nice Job. I am 14 and startet with webdevelopement but now webdevelopement is getting a little boring so I wanted to start programming some games and this is like the perfect opertunity!! Thank you

  9. Hi! I just downloaded the Core Launcher, but it wont launch. How can I fix this? I have a lot of storage, cpu, and ram.

  10. This is such a great looking game engine, it seems so easily accessible and really simplistic while still giving creators the opportunity to create complicated games and i love it for that. I really enjoy the multiple premade games that you can load up and quickly edit, i am currently working on a mediveal themed fighting game and core has really helped speed up that process and has made making games much more enjoyable for beginner developers and i hope the engine gets many more updates in the foreseeable future.

  11. That’s amazing! So excited about this! BUT… is it possible to import custom models into the game to change the look of the player, environment, weapons, etc.


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