DIY Solar Pool Heater – Simple & Easy Design – Did it work? | Anika's DIY Life


Make a DIY solar pool heater using inexpensive material in a weekend. And find out if it works!

Get LOTS more details and update on if these homemade solar pool heaters helped increase the days we could use the pool –

Materials used (affiliate links) –
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– Lumber – pressure treated 2×4
– Black Hose –
– 1 hole straps –
– Valves –
– Submersible pump –
– Extra hoses –
– 1-1/4″ exterior screws –
– 2″ exterior screws –
– Matte black spray paint –

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  1. Something you missing…….. you are in a close loop system,so the maximum flow you put in your coil the faster you gonna heat the pool,no matter the feeling that the water is not so hot,the maximum flow the maximum you drain the energy from the coil.
    In other term better have 1 degree differentiel at full flow than 10 degree differentiel at a ridiculous flow…… are in cloose loop!

  2. seriously? the volume of water coming out of the heater is not enough to have any impact on the pool temperature.

  3. iam sorry but how many watts is your pump? as link doesnt work,.. i want to use 60metres of hose, will 400w be enough to pump it around?

  4. Put a big black tarp over the water, the sun rays will hit this and will directly heat the water, much easier and quicker. Your effective area the sun is hitting right now is only a square meter, where as you could use the entire pool as a receiver if you covered it with a black cover.

  5. Anika, if you have a/c units you can place your hoses above the exhaust fan (120F) air, not too close so you don't obstruct the air flow.

  6. I put a solar cover on in April, in a week the pool was 35 degrees warmer. We were in the pool early May. 😊

  7. Roof mounted, certified systems are worth the money for good reason. These types of experiments are fun, but don't expect real results.

  8. Get rid of the valve. Ex say the sun is putting 1000w of energy on the hose. If the hose is staying cold that means the water is absorbing the energy from the hose and putting it in to the pool. If the pipe is heating up then you are loosing energy in radiant heating up the air around the pipe.

  9. Great video and details . Even better getting your kids involved. Considering this for my tiny 8 foot pool .

  10. great idea put the valve after the panels going in the pool so that the water has more time to heat up before entering the pool. The Delta-T is the temperature difference between the water temperatures entering and leaving the heating panels..

  11. If you cover your pool at night that will make huge difference get a solar cover it will retain heat of pool and keep it cleaner and will cut out evaporation as well.please take it from me buy one for an above ground pool because once you say for in ground pool the price is ridicukous. I paid $60 for my pool solar pool cover it looks like bubble wrap but sturdy.

  12. For your 20K gallon pool, how long did you run the two coil system and what was the temperature differential (starting temp, ending temp). What the ambient temperature?

  13. I just bought an adapter to connect a standard black garden hose to one of the water run jets (after the water runs through the pool filter). Then I loosely coiled up the hose on the pool deck (which gets pretty hot and probably heats up the hose faster). On a hot Texas day the water coming out of the hose is too hot to touch!

  14. If you do two large coils and use the piping for irrigation and modify the outlet that water is put in the pool you can save electricity from a separate pump. Two coils gives more distance to handle faster flow. Just drain the pool below the valve that water is flowed in the pool with its own circulation and modify that to connect the solar to that and the other wind of the solar back in the pool. If not you can always keep that method and get a solar panel at harbor freight cheap for powering the pump.

  15. It would be interesting to see results if you used irrigation polyethylene and insulated the back with a radiant barrier.

  16. Why don't you paint your pool black?! You'll definitely have a larger surface to heat up and its probably cheaper.


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