Do Little Chimera is pretty Dope, but Konami needs to hurry the heck with these cards already..


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  1. My guess is they are only releasing the 4 elements since usually light and dark are the most broken types in yugioh.

  2. Probably thinking all of these monsters are all gonna be rich because of their art work mostly coming from the missus radiant being rich and the mistar boy being rich.

  3. By name Little Chimera is Fancy.
    I did a little bit of research and found out that its Fancy or Unique.
    So…. It makes sense to me

  4. Surely the wind monster will just release on the 4th set? The one after extreme force. I don't see them doing generic link 2s for light and dark.

  5. We still have Apprentice Witch and Hoshiningen too hopefully. They make more sense to come out later considering how good Dark and Light are.


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