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Samsung T5 Portable SSD (USA Link) –
Samsung T5 Portable SSD (International) –

The Samsung T5 portable SSD might be the perfect solution for ultra portable media transfer. With speeds of up to 540MB/s it’s easily capable of editing 4K video footage. It comes in various capacities including 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. Also of note, the 250GB and 500GB drives come in the bright bluish tone shown in this video. The larger 1TB and 2TB version of the drive are black.

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  1. McDonald's sent me a very strange thing…

  2. I purchased a Samsung Portable SSD T5 (1TB) for my personal iMac desktop (also 1TB with 880GB available) and I am not sure how best to use it. I was thinking to use it to back up my iMac with Time Machine. Now I am wondering, Is there another way (beside devoting part of it to Time Machine) to use this portable drive? If yes, Would I need to partition it and what percentage do I devote to Time Machine? Does anyone have any advice on how best to use this portable drive? Thank you.

  3. 1 clarification that is very important: The USB-C to USB-A cable is for USB 3.0. That is very important to get the top speed possible from this drive. You can tell it is USB 3.0 (and not just 1.1 or 2.0) because the USB-A plug is blue. If you plug this into a USB 2.0 port or use a non-USB 3.0 cable you won't get the advantage of the SSD speeds.

  4. Useless VT. The SSD isn't reliably detected by Android devices or MACs. And there are much fast Windows compatible SSDs.

  5. Yeah but how good is it with pc games an xbox games running off it, I got a feeling not as good as an internal ssd drive.

  6. Who loves you more than zero tax paying-treats employees like garbage-destroying the retail economy-Jeff Bezoz? Keep linking to him you go along to get along stooge.

  7. Well this video didn't age so well lmao. Windows 10 can't utilize the dram cache on this SSD unless you change your default setting to performance instead of safe removal. You might as well buy a cheap dramless SSD if you don't change this setting and i bet 99% of all users don't even know that and they waste their money on expensive dram SSDs for nothing.

  8. can you put windows to it and boot from it? do the BIOS recognize it? my laptop only have HDD and I fear it may fail, soon.

  9. 1st, don't clickbait people, we are smart.

    2nd, it's absurd how far we have come with technlogy. To think that 15 years ago these kinds of speed were just dreams.

  10. I have a very old laptop will this make my laptop run smoother? Will opening up files and clicking on apps and stuff like that be faster or?

  11. 0:36 USB-C is not an interface. It's a physical connector.

    The interface is USB 3.1 Gen 2.

    Do your research on the products you unbox before spreading misinformation.

  12. Its surprising a channel like this is resorting to clickbait titles…Come on guys you can do better than this!

  13. maybe I should have read the comments first. Great information but it would be nice to get a point of view other than a review with the product just fresh out the box. It worked fast that time but would it have issues down the road.


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