Ep 1 Into the New World | Top Management


Starlight Entertainment’s new idol group S.O.U.L successfully debuts. But things go away when a stage accident and revelations of plagiarism on their debut song puts them under heavy criticism. Eunsung who can see the future with her “visions” tries to prevent it but fails. Then 3 years later…

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  1. Wey que pasó con los que hablamos español jajjaj en realidad quería ver los comentarios a aver que bobadas decían pero veo que acá todos son gringos jajaja y no entiendo ni un cara#o

  2. me alegra haberla conseguido, solo habia visto 4 capitulos en diciembre de 2018, esta completa? anyone know if it's complete?

  3. 私のIDはカンナム美人の時のト・ギョンソクの妹役だった子も出ててびっくり😳

  4. The level of sarcasm and parody this show has shows how open minded the korean industry could be if it wanted and tried to… I mean it shows exactly what groups go through and how some "fans" are with so much sarcasm that I just can't help but love it

  5. the scandal started with the battery being slipped by one of the stuff. It should be the stuff that gets murdered not the dancers

  6. لييييييييييييييش لا يوجد ترجمة العربية ليييييش😢💔😭😭

  7. 엥 23:51 에 나오신 배우분은 내 아이디는 강남미인에서도 차은우랑 같이 나오더니 또 같은 작 나오셨었네 진짜 매력있고 이쁘게 생기셨다

  8. I miss Eun Woo's serious acting side. I wish they'll continue Gangnam Beauty with season 2,i really miss his serious side


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