Ep 9 Fake Love | Top Management


S.O.U.L and Starlight get busy with preparation for their next album. One of Sooyong’s compositions is pitted against one of Kevin’s songs as potential title song. Producer Bang asks Eunsung to coach Sooyong on basic of being in a variety show. A vision of a potential upcoming disaster hits Eunsung.

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  1. I regret not finishing this drama they put the on premium only

    Every drama l wanna watch only 3 episode that have subtitles or they are the only ones available and I'm just like where the hell can l find the full drama without any problems

  2. I didn't understand the story..in ep 8 he confessed to the manager n now with eunwoo..pls someone help me

  3. Wey entonces saben sobre los fanfics???😱posta q no sabía 😕uuuuuh y lo de mayores(ya me entenderán) nonono

  4. Los capitulos son asi de cortos? Porque en los adelantos muestarn cosas que despues en el siguiente capitulo no pasan. No entiendo nada! No se si estan cortados o pasaran en otros capítulos mas adelante

  5. It hurts my throat when I hear he got rejected then, when Cha eun woo hear that he's going to join a Army(I think he regret it when he didnt accept his feelings). Im so freaking happy when they hold hands together 😭

  6. ME: Seeing cha enwoo
    ME: click so fast

    Also ME: oh wait I've watched this ALREADY 😂
    Yes cha eunwoo is more than pretty his gorgeous for pete sake #1 gorgeous Korean

  7. Lmao 1:19 us so funny lol🤣 i wondering was it someone's dream or strange reality ahah i really adore this drama cause it's humor😂🤣

  8. who else started watching this drama because you saw two guys holding hands. im so disappointed that it was just a fanfiction 🙁

  9. Cha enwo is a good actor he acts so naturally throughout the series
    He's acting of bad acting is hilarious 😂


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