Evolution of the Galaxy Note (Note 1 – Note 10)


History of the Samsung Galaxy Note
The Galaxy Note was the first commercially successful phablet. Selling over 50 million units within its first 3 years. And proving large screens were desirable.

Galaxy Note 1
The first galaxy note was critiqued for its extremely large screen, but sales figures proved these critics wrong. Users loved its stylus functionality, the speed of its dual core CPU, and the advantages of a larger screen.

Galaxy Note II
The second version included a quad-core processor, and an even larger display. As well as a revised stylus, and an upgraded digitizer for more precise and interactive pen input.

Galaxy Note 3
The Galaxy Note 3 went even bigger, with a 5.7 inch 1080p display. The new camera supported 13 megapixels, and up to 5 minutes of 4k video recording.

Galaxy Note 4
The Note 4 introduced a more elegant design, with plastic leather and a metal frame. It also introduced a fingerprint reader, QHD display, and a 16 megapixel camera, with optical image stabilization.

Galaxy Note Edge
The Note Edge was introduced alongside the Note 4. It had similar specs, but with a curiously curved display that covered the right side of the phone. It was mostly used for app and task shortcuts, and for notifications.

Galaxy Note 5
The Note 5 was based on the hardware design of the Galaxy S 6. Like the S 6 it did not offer a user-replaceable battery or expandable storage. It did become more note focused, allowing the phone to be woken directly to a note screen when the stylus was removed.

Galaxy Note 7
Samsung wanted to synchronize the branding to that of the Galaxy S 7. So they went with Note 7 instead of Note 6. The use of the number 7 was also meant to bring them good fortunes. But it was the complete opposite. Although it was an impressive phone, this was the model that came with the exploding batteries.

Galaxy Note 8
The Note 8 was an opportunity for Samsung to redeem itself from its Note 7 fiasco. It featured a 6.3 inch Infinity display. Iris scanner. Water and dust resistance. And dual camera setup. As well as support for Samsung Dex, which was a dock that provided desktop-computer functionality for the Note 8.

Galaxy Note 9
The Note 9 has been the best selling Galaxy Note to date. Selling over 17 million units. In this version, the S Pen was updated to support Bluetooth, in order to control the camera and media playback remotely. And the RAM was increased to 6GB of RAM for the 128 gigabyte model, and 8 GB for the premium model.

Galaxy Note 10
The Note 10 will be released soon, and most of the specs, including the renders have already leaked. The smaller version will start at $1000 and come with a 6.3 inch display, while the larger model will sport a 6.7 inch screen. Neither models will include a headphone jack. Fast charging has been upgraded to 45 watts, which will substantially speed up the process.

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  1. I'm from the future and I can say that the note 10 was the best smartphone out there when it came out now we have the note 16 and still been the best phone aut there


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