Exit the Game: Forgotten Island Review (No Spoilers) with the Game Boy Geek


My review of one of the the latest games in the Exit the Game Series by Kosmos Forgotten Island. Can you and your friends get through this escape room in a box style board game?

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  1. I liked everything EXCEPT for the final puzzle, which killed the endgame for us. Not because it was hard, but rather because of the misleading setup and complete redundancy of the supposed 'required' components. Like someone forcing you to jump through a number of hoops to grab the key, then giving you vague instructions of the special way of handling the key, only to ultimately find out the door was unlocked all along and you only needed to twist the doorknob.

  2. Thank you for a video! My own opinion about a game is not good. I think that in a game there are a lot of tasks which should be improved. Some tasks were illogical.
    But despite these impressions I really like a game "Village"(also Inka Brand and Markus Brand) .

  3. Hi Dan, thank you for the review! I would like to know where you can find the app… I checked in the app store but I could not find it. Thank you.
    I have a geeklist on bgg with all the escape the room kind of game and I would like to update it with that information:

  4. Never done an escape room but we're getting Exit: Abandoned Cabin, which I'll probably just give to my son for him to try out with college friends.

  5. Thanks for the review, Dan! Are there destructible components, or can this game be played by another group for a second play?


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