Fate Grand Order NA- Top 10 Banners to Roll in 2020!


Which gachas give you the most bang for your quartz? Let’s find out! #FGO #Skadi #FateGrandOrder

Top 10 Servants of 2020:

List of upcoming banners in FGONA:

Date and rateup info taken from:

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  1. I'm gonna try rolling for Sigurd they already had Anastasia when lostbelt one came I think of is like fates way of saying do better than them

  2. Oh I forgot there was another moon cancer, since I missed CCC. I wasn't gonna summon for BB now I guess I'll have to, but I doubt I will pull her anyways.

  3. Quick question: I'm a f2p player and I'm not sure if it's better to roll x10 for each special event or I should just stock up for Summer. Which one do you think is the better option?

  4. "Aside from Skadi (literally the best supporting servant and a game breaking character) there really isn't other value in this banner" yikes man

  5. jfc 306 days inactive, i reclaim my account but i still gotta wait until late July for Skadi? yikesss and i want merlin, but he comes around even laterrrr

  6. Finally a video that references the Summer Dantes banner. Have not seen ANY talk about summoning him at all, despite the arrival of Skadi this summer!

  7. I don't really expect any replies to this, but here goes. .. I've been wanting to try this game for awhile, and Gilgamesh is my favorite Fate character. Should I wait until September, start a game and re roll trying to get him (which i hear is a pain in the ass) or start a game and save until the banner and hope for the best?

    Or am i dumb for wanting him in the first place lol

  8. Honestly, I'm going to be gunning for assassin Ushi, I loved seeing her Rider Form in the Babylonia anime. So therefore she'll get all of my headpats.

  9. Can someone please explain if there are 2 servants on the rate up at the same time does it mean that each has a 1% or does it turn to 0.5% for each?

  10. Hey , I'm relatively new and still don't understand the concept of GSSR summons , can anyone please explain and tell when they usually come around?

  11. Welp
    I really wanted Arthur
    And I had 120 sq saved up
    I did 3 30 sq summon
    And I got kiritsugu skskskksksksks

  12. Using my F2P status to save up until the next Gilgamesh summon at the end of the year.

    My luck went away my first week of playing when I summoned Marie Antoinette (no longer have her), SiegFried, and Miyamoto Musashi. Few months later summoned Ibaraki Douji with a summon ticket. Now I summon Billy the kid and Gilles de Rais, nobody else. Hopefully my luck is back by then

  13. Is the Japanese version of this game different from English version in new sorry to the game not the series

  14. Umm i really want skadi and edmond dantes but their banner really close 😭 they are just 1 week seperate help what's the better choice


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