Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10


Fix Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10

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Are you getting a message stating that Your Windows license will expire soon, You need to activate Windows in Settings on Windows 10 but when you check your Windows 10 it is already activated? Don’t worry, I will show you a solution to resolve this issue.

Open an elevated Command Prompt by type CMD in search box and right click and select run as administrator.

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Generic key to install Windows 10 RTM

Open an elevated Command Prompt by type CMD in search box and right click and select run as administrator.

Type: slmgr –rearm

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  2. this is the correct way to stop the message –Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10. I use it and it just working fine.

  3. the first one working fine. but the product license key doesn't show up at first , u just need to write the wmic path again and click enter again. then u'll have the product key

  4. my product key appear, but i get stuck on entering the product key , it says the product key you entered didnt work , i already copy paste the key from cmd anyway , can someone help?

  5. Hi ! My PC doesn't show the last product key so I can copy it. How can I find it? Pleaseeeeee answer me soon, thanks🌹

  6. April 2020 : after i get the product key on my cmd it's said "The Product key you entered didn't work. Check the product key and try again, or enter a different one. (0xc004f050)

    so what now? i didn't work.. can you respond? thanks

  7. 1:54 old man you're such a noob… why the fuck would you open up task manager just to open command prompt? You can just fucking run cmd directly from the windows bar… jesus… adding extra worthless steps

  8. When I type in the command i get "OA3xOriginalProductKey" is this my key? Is that what I enter into the "enter product key" thing? I dont want to do something wrong and brick my computer. I'll remove this comment if that is the key that i need to enter.

  9. it doesnt even say what the last product key was. under the blue text that says "change product key", there's absoloutley nothing there, its completly blank.

  10. >Activating Windows
    Imagine actually paying money to get your state of the art Spyware OS. I suggest you look up ways to crack it instead / just mod it so that you don't get bothered with the popups.
    Funnily enough you don't need to "pirate" Windows anymore because they found out they make a lot more money from selling our information to third parties rather than the software itself by updating you intrusively with the latest Spyware.

  11. I have a problem when activating my windows 10 pro. Always an error "we are unable to connect to your organisation" kindly help

  12. This video shows KMS (Key Management Service 180 day activation intervals) to Digital License (Permanent Activation)

  13. ok if i were to use the product key from someone else laptop or computer would i get that message again
    cause i used mu friends own it worked but im worried that
    it would affect my friends laptop in the future

  14. tried the first method with no success then the second seemed to work but now windows isnt activated saying it can't connect to my organisations network, it now shows an activation key all xxx out but if I try the wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey it comes up with nothing, what can I do now?


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