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by Jorge Ramírez • June 3, 2015 • 1 Comment

Sobre @Jor_H_R : Posts respectivos en su blog: ¿Fourth letter incoming?

— Marc Casañas Escarré (@Firefly_fan) June 1, 2015

Yes, indeed.

This will be a very short letter:


“One of the nation’s most influential psychiatrists earned more than $2.8 million in consulting arrangements with drug makers from 2000 to 2007, failed to report at least $1.2 million of that income to his university and violated federal research rules, according to documents provided to Congressional investigators.”… 


Published: October 3, 2008

The New York Times –

  1. Dr. Gerardo Campo and Dr. Carlos Miranda.
  2. Why Charles Nemeroff was invited as one of the key speakers at the XXVIII Congress APAL-ACP at Cartagena, Colombia?
  3. Why the list of sponsors of this congress remains undisclosed to the public opinion and hidden behind a wall of silence?


III. One ounce of data weights more than a thousand pounds of opinion.

  1. I am curious: why the four lectures presented by me to the 1st-year residents of psychiatry were not properly evaluated during my tenure track? It is a bit confusing because I believe the role of students was to fill the evaluation form of my teaching skills instead of performing a psychiatric interview of their professor in company of another psychiatrist (Dr. Henry Valencia – Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Valle).

  1. I am curious, where are the 12 satisfactory professors of the Dpto. of Psychiatry at the University of Valle? 

  1. This is an invitation to dialog.

The “wrong answer” to a wrong-headed Continuing Medical Ed quiz, by @Jor_H_R . “Which antidepressant do you use?”

— Data Based Medicine (@RxISK) Mayo 25, 2015

“In the Soviet Union, need for psych care is a cause for shame. Treatment stresses medication not talk.” NYT 1/25/83 Oh dear. Via @Jor_H_R

— Data Based Medicine (@RxISK) Mayo 25, 2015