Game Boy Accessories – Angry Video Game Nerd (AVGN)


Another selection of accessories receives a good thorough look from the Nerd. This time, it’s a collection of accessories for the Game Boy, including good ones – like the Game Boy Camera and the Game Boy Printer – bad ones, and even a patented one that was aimed for use in hospitals. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 147


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  1. Hey wanna hear a crazy idea? What if nintendo actually replaced steering wheels for gameboy steering wheels to drive your car? Or better yet a gameboy toy car or action figure?

  2. I had that Battery Pack! Holy shit, I got a lot of use out of that cocksucker.
    I don't believe for two seconds that those shoes are real.

  3. “I wanna be sedated with a gameboy” probably sounds really wrong out of context

  4. These GameBoy accessories…remind me of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode “eDork”, when Master Shake got the eHelmets and kept ordering accessories for them.


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