Game of Thrones The Game – THE CLEAVAGE WON'T SAVE YOU! – Part 3 – Gameplay Episode 1


Games of Thrones The Game Gameplay Epiosde 1 Walkthrough / Playthrough Part 1 in 60fps ! Game of Thrones Game is new by Telltale Games is set in the Game of Thrones Universe and features gameplay that changes based on the decisions you make. In This Gameplay Walkthrough will feature many difficult choices which may include the death of or save of some characters. Characters in Game of Thrones Episode 1 include Garred, Bowen, Uncle Duncan, Lord Forrester , Mira , Lady Forrester , Ethan , Talia, Ser Roylen , Rodrik, Asher, Cersi , Margery , Sera, Ryon, and many other characters and places such as the wall and ironrath.

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  1. I don't know why but I got so mad at you in the first 24 minutes on your choices but still love ya

  2. seriously, this guy didn`t even read A song of ice and fire? or didn`t even watch the show? bro, you should read this, at least if you are playing this game,.

  3. SO I watched these first episodes to see if it was worth it to buy them, I came to the conclusion that I should not, and randomly clicked this, I love your type of commenting videos xD

  4. Your going to be kind of at a disadvantage playing this without watching the show. A lot of stuff I think your meant to know going in, its a bit different to the other series 

  5. lol, relax a bit swing.  You sound like you're in total agony playing this game.  Games are supposed to be enjoyable, y'know 🙂

  6. on the King part, you messed up because SPOILER: Joffrey is the son of Cersei and her brother Jamie (lovers) so KING Joffrey is not the real king,

  7. Man u play this game like a true coward you afraid of everybody that doesn't work in the game of thrones cowards die


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