Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Game – Full OST


This is the amazing music from the first Harry Potter video game! I’ve taken screenshots of the places where you hear the songs in-game (in the PC version, anyway), and arranged the music in that order.
Fun fact: Did you know when Jeremy Soule composed this soundtrack, he had never even heard John Williams’ music for the movie?

All tracks composed by Jeremy Soule.
1. Harry Potter Title Screen 0:00
2. StoryBook 2:56
3. Opening Castle Fly-Through 7:23
4. Happy Hogwarts Loop 7:49
5. Crabbe Goyle 3 9:10
6. Peeves Chase 11:58
7. Malfoy 14:18
8. Secret Cauldron 16:22
9. Troll Asleep 18:08
10. Hogwarts Neutral Loop 18:52
11. Green Cauldron 24 20:39
12. Phoenix 21:05
13. Hogwarts Neutral 07 24:05
14. Remembrall Chase 24:14
15. Hogwarts Neutral 28 26:28
16. Fireseeds No Loop 26:58
17. Hogwarts NeutralGood Loop 28:27
18. Malfoy Fight 32:15
19. Green Cauldron 34:19
20. Hogwarts Happy 20 36:43
21. Hogwarts Dark 17 37:05
22. Hogwarts Neutral 17 37:24
23. Hogwarts Happy 12 37:43
24. Hogwarts Dark 23 37:58
25. Quirrell 2 08 38:23
26. Hogwarts Dark 28 38:34
27. Hagrid’s Hut Nobert Hatch 39:04
28. Quidditch Fanfare 39:25
29. Quidditch Theme 39:32 (A.K.A. Quidditch Anthem)
30. Quidditch 41:43
31. Quirrell 2 20 43:43
32. Hogwarts Neutral 09 44:06
33. Hogwarts Neutral 14 44:17
34. Hogwarts Happy 19 44:33
35. Crabbe Goyle 2 44:54
36. Quirrell 2 46:38
37. Shock 47:47
38. Dark Hogwarts 48:03
39. Quirrell 3 49:12
40. Troll Chase 51:23
41. Quidditch Win 53:33
42. Green Cauldron 08 53:40
43. Invisible 53:51
44. Free Hedwig 54:11
45. Voldemort and Unicorn 54:26 (A.K.A. Fluffy Intro)
46. Devil’s Snare 54:49
47. Devil’s Snare End 57:01
48. Flying Key 57:10
49. Chess 59:12
50. Chess End 1:01:36
51. Quirrell 1 1:01:43

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  1. I absolutely adore the soundtrack to this game. I played the entire game 3 times because I loved it so much. I really felt like I was there in a magical universe. Such nostalgia. Such great memories. I wish I could play it again. ❤️

  2. I was replaying the game in May and i had tears roll down from time to time, listening to the happy hogwarts music but the one at 27:00 really gets me. I remember playing the Wingardium Leviosa challenge with my late cousin. He paid me surprise visit that day.

  3. thank you so much for uploading the soundtracks together with the pictures – I use it as background music for studying

  4. I get a strange sense of validation when reading everyone's comments and finding out we were all terrified by the same things: Filch, The Bloody Baron, Mrs Norris, Draco throwing beans at you, little trolls running towards you… Can anyone think of more?

  5. I really like how the first three games were made separately from the movies and have a lot of elements from the books that the movies didn't (like Peeves). They really feel like distinct experiences in the HP universe.

  6. This music is perfect for Harry Potter and it's world. I remember this giving me so many right emotions and feeling. Still does to this day!

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  8. For many themes, there is hardly any difference with the soundtrack of KOTOR. No matter what game has been released before, Soule repeats himself quite a bit.

  9. I need help, my screen is too zoomed in not allowing me to access certain features such as start game, quiditch options and more. In urgent need of help.

  10. I remembered a warped/slowed down version of the Hogwarts Neutral theme from the third floor area (where all the students are, you get Hedwig's message from Hermione, and Fred/George come from the fireplace). Does anyone know which music bit that is?

  11. i heard one of the tracks in a Youtube video and first i immediatly thaught of skyrim and jeremy soule, then as i hear it more i reconsider myself and finally the memories are here, i click on this video to check the music and as it appears jeremy soule was the one who composed it, the dude has his signature 😀

  12. I played through this masterpiece the other day out of nostalgia.
    Gotta say, the gnomes in this game were really adorable, especially their noises and how their encounter theme felt playful and mischevious, to the point where I'd find a gnome room and be like ":D Friends!!!"

  13. Anyone listening to these soundtracks in quarantine? This and Chamber of Secrets are giving me major nostalgia & bringing me back to the magic, wonder, and fear XD

  14. I love this game so so much, this music is the hymn of my happy childhood. Nowadays it helps me doing my work, I can better write only with these symphonies.(and also with game of thrones OST too )

  15. 3:00 gives me the most insane nostalgia, one of my earliest memmories in my life. Thanks for such an amazing game!

  16. Let's see now; Spyro, Resident Evil, Ducktales, Crash Bandicoot, Shadow of the Collossus
    Now this game DEFINETLY needs a remake; an open-world remake, not just restricted to Hogwarts, but also the Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, with more spells, perhaps an option to play as your own avatar, and the only thing that's unchanged or improoved 10fold is the soundtrack


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