Highlander Online (PC/MMORPG/cancelled/2001) – Full Trailer


Cancelled MMORPG based on Highlander movies and TV series.
“There can be only one.” Perhaps it will be you. Highlander Online will allow you to enter the world of the swordfighting immortals made famous by the hit movie and television series. In this massively multiplayer 3D environment, sword-swinging combat and role-playing will be central to your survival and development. The action advances the plot — familiar to Highlander fans — concerning a group of immortals engaged in an honorable struggle against each other, until only one remains.

Good video in my opinion.

Video game cancelled around 2000-2002

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  1. I remember when I saw this trailer so excited, And for the other one that got cancelled way back in 2010 as well because In February 2009, Square Enix reached an agreement to purchase Eidos Interactive for GB£84.3 million, pending shareholder approval, with an initial aim of fully buying Eidos Interactive on 6 May 2009. The date was brought forward, and Square Enix officially took over Eidos Interactive on 22 April 2009.

    Square Enix initially stated that it would let Eidos Interactive remain structured as it was at the time of its takeover. It subsequently announced in July 2009 that it would merge Eidos with its own pre-existing European subsidiary, Square Enix Limited (itself established on December 1998).The merger would create a new entity, tentatively titled Square Enix Europe. The merger was completed on 9 November 2009 with the Square Enix Europe name being permanently retained as the resulting company name.The Eidos name was however retained for the development studios Eidos Montreal and Eidos Shanghai.

    So now they should start the game again, I have already said this to them on their twitter page

  2. I wish in 2019 they make a Highlander game where you can customize your own guy I would call my character Andrew Macleod.

  3. I was just thinking of a Australian native immortal wielding a razor sharp Kylie. (Their word for Boomerang club.)

  4. I do love how every Highlander project is forced to give the character a katana. Only the first film had a good story reason for Connor to use it.

  5. I know I saw Highlander 3–I mean 2 Final Dimension, I mean the characters in this trailer, not Connor or Duncun McCleod…unless this guy IS Connor McCleod which I didn't know.

  6. Looks pretty bad, with an asian-influenced art style that does not fit.

    Now, a Highlander Skyrim mod using the decapitation animation is another story…

  7. Even though Connor and Duncan made the kitanna famous and they need to use it, (fuck the Highlander the Source) how the hell did the guy and his girlfriend in scotland both had kitanas?

  8. probly didnt workout cuz you would be dead for ever if you got beheaded an there can be only one so no continues i wouldve won though

  9. I guess it would be a pain in the ass, from secs to sec you would be killed after all there can be only one.


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