Highlander "quits" the Game


In the Highlander novel “Shadown of Obsession”, Duncan remembers Darius once again, and seeing how the story brings forth all the good and the bad that Darius’ life had brought forth from his transformation into a holy man, the author heavily implies Duncan’s disgust with killing.

Now, I hate the Ahriman episodes. I really do. So I thought “what if that novel served as an unofficial Season Six opener?” It certainly be worse than any of the AAA episodes, would it? But that would leave to adress Duncan’s appearence throughtout the season – and I have figured it out, by editing the bits from “Avatar” and “Sins of the Father” that illustrates Duncan’s “pacificity” in the season (that is really short-lived, thought), and in this forms serves as a nice coda to that novel.

Its meant to be set six months after the events of the novel. Those of you who haven’t read it, check it out – its hard to find, of course, as it is out of print, but it is a highly recommended read… Especially if you’re interested in Darius’ history and how he transformed from an evil Immortal to a good Immortal overnight.

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  1. And it didn't mention it but he gave instructions and money to hold the barge and take care of it for either 50 years or 100 years. I remember that episode.


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