Highlander the Board Game Review – River Horse


Highlander the Board Game Review – River Horse. In this video I review Highlander the Board Game by River Horse.

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  1. I’m not sure what company you would be talking about that would sell you extra dice as expansions. That doesn’t sound like something I’ve ever heard of before.

  2. Looks fun, but a lot of randomness (upgrading your die could still lead to a roll of '1' which feels like a wasted Quickening token). Glad you tackled the Fate deck issue… What are the benefits of taking Fate cards (extra experience, extra Quickening, etc)? Sorry to hear, but it sounds like this has been a bit of a cowboy 'out the door asap' project, which is just not good enough nowadays. Shame. I think you're stretching the definition of 'thematic' as it applies to this game as well… Lol

  3. I am a fan of the one (and only) Highlander film. But it's one I saw on KS and playthoughs and new I wouldn't enjoy to play. Like you said there's no real interaction with the game, it's just something that happens as you observe it. Even as someone who gets things just for the minis, I didn't feel the need to invest in this particular game.

  4. Not big on board games but I am a fan of the first Highlander movie; The others not so much 😛 . Thematically it sounds like they managed to tick a lot of the boxes with life event through history and swatches of the iconic weapons. If I were very much into board games my big reservation would be the quickening tokens. Without a ceiling on the number of attempts the game could devolve into die rolling and amount to sour grapes because a great result on one players part is negated by rinse and repeat. As what feels like a competitive game it strikes me as a departure from my expectations of European fare. There may be some room for cooperation through the ages but in the end…There can only be one 😀 .

  5. I backed the Kickstarter. I like it, the themeing is well done but I have to agree the mechanics do feel to random and just happening too you (getting beheaded early on, some of the weapons are massively over powered, one card can completely flip the game like the areas).

  6. Great review and conclusion, totally agree. You show upload this review to boardgamegeek. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/244428/highlander-board-game/videos/all

  7. Thank you for the honesty. I watched a let’s play video and I agree with you about the game. Sadness though because I live Highlander 😔

  8. Pity really…it had the potential to be a great game…..just seems to generic…it's as if river horse weren't really sure where to take the game so ended up with a bit of a damp squib…
    Excellent review Andy….
    Great job. 😁

  9. For some reason I really thought we would disagree about this game at yet I do agree with all the negatives you mentioned. I do disagree about the minis however. Although they look stunning, I really don't see the purpose of them in game. A token would be just as beneficial as all I see they do is mark which area you are in? I love Highlander and nearly backed for the minis alone. I left it due to the game seems a little frustrating at times. Turn a card, oh beheaded. You're dead! Fun. Great review Andy, very in-depth.

  10. I’m a massive Highlander fan so did back this on Kickstarter, that said it was more for the figures than the actual game.

    I agree with you gameplay lacks that spark to make it really good. If you’ve got a spare 30 mins it’s not the worst way to pass your time, but I won’t be playing it repeatedly.

    Good video by the way, it’s always good to hear an honest opinion.

  11. Another case of selling a game using an IP, not gameplay. What are the miniatures for? To increase the price of the box? Draw a card, ups you are decapitated, best of luck next time.


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