Hooded Man: who is the Ghost in Winterfell?


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Who is the mysterious hooded man in Winterfell? Is he conspiring with Rowan and Crowfood Umber? Is the hooded man Robett Glover, or Harwin, or Hallis Mollen? Is the hooded man a ghost? Is Theon a kinslayer?

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Images and video from Game of Thrones used under fair use
House heraldry art from The World of Ice and Fire
Wyman Manderly art by Borja Pindado:
Barbrey Dustin art by shebsart:
Jeyne Poole art by eluas:
Roger Ryswell art by Amuelia:
Theon Greyjoy / Reek art by LynxSphinx:
Lady Stoneheart art by Zippo514:
Westeros map by Klaradox:
Hother Umber, Aenys Frey, Mors Umber, Hosteen Frey art by Dragonman14x:
Walder Frey art by Gibi Lynx:
Theon Greyjoy art by Felicia Cano:
Bran Stark weirwood art by bubug:

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0:00 Winterfell
1:28 Murders
4:00 Conspiracy
7:20 Robett
8:55 Harwin
11:09 Hallis
13:40 Killers
16:01 Ghost
19:47 Kinslayer
22:06 Hooded Man

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  1. They call him kinslayer because he killed the miller boy who might have been his son (he was screwing the miller boys mom). Mance and his wildlings know this because of theons mumblings thats why rowan calls him kinslayer so the hooded man is probably mance. He has the motive, the ability , and he also knows how theon is a kinslayer. Crowsfood knows this because he rescued theon and either theon mumbled about it or the spearwives told crowsfood.

  2. Please talk abou what you think is the plan of Roose Bolton for all this. Roose is too smart for just sit their and watch the fall of his house. So what is his endgame ?

  3. You've mixed up the two Walders. Big Walder was the nicer of the two, and was older but smaller. I think he killed Little Walter because the little shit went too far.

  4. Big Walder killing little Walder makes no sense, as it would accomplish very little in terms of line of succession. Little Walder is the son of Merrit Frey, the 9th son of Walder. There are so many people ahead of Big Walder in the line of succession that he'd essentially have to wipe out most of the men in House Frey in order to claim the Twins. Little Walder is a mere drop in the bucket.

  5. You should do the show Dark on Netflix. It's in German, but I think it's got the depth that your videos do an incredible job covering.

  6. I really appreciate that your content will delve into both the literal "who is the killer" breakdowns AND the thematic analysis. Too much Youtube analysis/theory videos pretend that stories like this are equations to be solved and totally miss the emotional core the fantasy world exists to convey.

  7. Real glad the books have so much depth and mystery to justify videos like this even after the show pissed everything away.

  8. Maybe what the hooded man / the ghost means is that allowing Theon to die and reborn into Reek is the kinslaying. He killed the closest kin possible, himself. The ghost is a manifestation of his guilt for allowing this to happen to himself.

  9. They were still like family , maybe Theon feels the same way deep down and thats his subconscious telling him hes a kinslayer

  10. No one cares.

    It wasn't in the books. The HBO special was changed by some hack writer because they did not want to do what the books were doing. This caused a dramatic divergence of the plot. HBO content is so inferior, almost all people who used to watch have abandoned it in disgust.

  11. In series Theon's sister says he wanted to be a Stark before he left north to join the fight against the Night King and tells him to be a Stark. Later, on his funeral pyre, Sansa attaches one of her wolf ornament on him, symbolizing he has become a Stark in his death. Something similar will happen in the books, as well as all the major characters will end up more or less the same.


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