How to install the WD Blue 500GB SSD into your computer #WDBlueSSD


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Check out my quick video on how to install the WD Blue 500GB SSD 6Gb 2.5 Inch WDS500G1B0A into your computer.

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WD SSD Blue Product Page

WD SSD Green Product Page

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  1. Check it out on Amazon:
    Check out the full review on

  2. Good video. Simple & straight forward. Particularly appreciate 1:13 to 1:50. Gives me the confidence to handle a SSD without worrying. Thank you, sir.

  3. Well explained although you should have shown placing the bracket screw back into the case (mobo back plate) to hold it firm.
    Unfortunately this didn't address my reason for watching SSD installation videos, my new case doesn't have such removable brackets wrapping around the sides, just two SSD sized indentations with sets of four holes in the mobo back plate that line up with the four holes at the back of Crucial drive.
    I was curious to see if this was an acceptable form of mounting without fear of shorting out the drive's internals. Or if I had to buy a mounting bracket.
    But I guess it's no different to using the side mounting holes and they wouldn't have put an extra four tapped holes there for no reason.

  4. my SSD is ever so slightly too wide for the slot and won’t fit. what to do? find a place to hide it in there? i’m thinking about using 1 screw to mount it where the HDD goes. 🤣

  5. So after installing my SSD Do I have to some how let the computer know ive installed an SSD? Any configurations or software download like you do with the Samsung SSD, you use the magician tool. Please help thanks

  6. SATA connections only go in one way, yes you can look for the L but guess what? If you have it upside down it won't connect. It won't even go onto the drive. Flip it the other way and there you go. I understand this is supposed to be idiot proof but try not to make something simple more complicated. Thanks for the effort you put into the video


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