How To Mod Your Gameboy


We teach your how to modify your old Gameboy DMG into a modern, backlight gaming masterpiece. You can all this for just $80, but you will need your original, old, perhaps broken Gameboy to do so.

What You Need:
1. Custom Gameboy Shell –
2. IPS Display Kit –
3. Custom Buttons –
4. Silicone Pads –
5. Glass Display –
(and obviously an old gameboy).

If you need any help, feel free to contact us on Instagram or Twitter.

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  1. You may notice that our screen is biverted meaning the colours have flipped, you can add this to your Gameboy too but we didn’t put it in the video because it requires soldering. Following the steps as is and your screen will be bright and crispy as it should be. 😊

  2. i orderd my screen from retrosix to so exited to get my mod done just wating for a special case ill message u when its done

  3. My kit screen colours are flipped from black to white and the other way around. Do you have any fix for that problem please

  4. Wow that is so cool and something I need to do as I got given an old GB with Tetris! Thanks dude 👍🏻

  5. Looks super sleek man. GameBoy pocket LCD kit next with white shell & buttons! Then GBA all white, then SP!! MORE GAMEBOYS

  6. Another awesome upload, thanks for this. I am not yet skilled enough to do the soldering. I have needed a video like this for a long time. Thanks again.🙏👍

  7. I can do anything, as long as I get myself a reasonably priced IPA, It's currently 3x the actual price now and it pisses me off. Overpriced and I'm not willing to pay for that. 😩

  8. I don't like the fact tape is being used…
    if you got to use tape to make a mod work then it's failed. I also don't like the mod gives you colour because that's not game boy, if you want that go get a gameboy color.

  9. Can’t wait for finals week to end so I can finally start working on a gameboy mod. I’m planning to work with a GBA 🙏🏻

  10. Love the drop in setup. When I click your IPS link above it says $89.99 for some reason but if I go via the site navigation it says 69.99? Most likely it is user error :-)!


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