I Discovered A Colossus MEGALODON BOSS! It's MASSIVE! | ARK Survival Evolved Jurassic #66


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  1. Meola: I swear this quetzel was faster a second ago
    Me: Becouse the quetz is wearing a big metal flatform do you expect a quetzel flying fast with a big metal flatform

  2. If you use the awesome spyglass the picture in the top left shows you the Dino it’s based off of and tell you the saddle you need

  3. Guys like this!! Meola! If you kill bosses they Give u DNA and GENOMES! Kill at the start u killed a death dodo and got like 3k genomes and Some DNA

  4. Pls just pls play Genesis,you legit just got to the lvl where u can get a magmasaur saddle,I REALLY WANNA SEE WHAT IT CAN DO

    Pls hit the like so he can see


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