Inspirational Quotes in Pokémon – Ozzymitsu Rebooted!


Hello everyone. Welcome to my first video of 2019. I wanted to reboot my channel, in the sense I want to start uploading consistently again. What better way to do that then motivate myself with some quotes from one of my favourite video game franchises of all time?

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  1. I have an inspirational quote from a show called Lab Rats that I try to live by:
    ”I just have to spend the rest of my life not thinking!” Adam
    Basically at school I have trouble talking and I get nervous because I think too much. I just have to learn to not think so much! In the show it was meant as a joke but I realized it was actually really good advice after it happened to me! To be fair it’s kind of like the just do it quote but if you don’t think you’ll be able to just do it!

  2. Excited to see your content regularly again. I've missed you. The Grimsley one is a very good one to remember when unfair things happen. I like a lot of these you mentioned are great. In Pokémon 3 when Brock says to Molly, "outside the battles may be tough, but the friends are real" I find inspirational, because relationships whether with friends, workmates or romantic ones are complicated and difficult, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a shot

  3. I feel like I saw a video exactly like this a few years ago with the exact same quotes, but yours has like 2 new ones….

  4. I’m not sure why the last line you said really made me tear up. “Most importantly show kindness to yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re doing just fine” I really needed to hear that Ozzy. Thank you 🙏

  5. “You said you had a dream…that dream…make it come true. Make your wonderful dream a reality and it will become your truth. If anyone can, it’s you!”

    ~ N from Pokémon BW

    This is one of my favorites that was missed but I loved the video! Keep it up!

  6. Glad to see you return! This was a really enjoyable video to watch and I agree and relate with the final quote the most 🙂

  7. One of my favorite inspirational quotes is from Diantha in X and Y. She says: "Why would I want to play the same old roles forever? Youth may be beautiful, but it's not all there is to life. Everything changes. I want to live and change like that, too. So I look forward to playing different roles as I get older.".

  8. there was 1 quote from pokemon black 2 & white 2 I loved
    it was in this one desert town with a cave close by
    & in this town there was a karate girl npc who gave me a quote you probably would love ozzymitsu cause of how true it is
    hopefully you adore it as much as I do
    the npc said
    a cool mind feels no heat

  9. Don't know if this would be inspirational, but alder asking you what you will you do after you have achieved your goal always stuck with me and I'm kinda sad more people don't like alder just for that.

  10. Happy New Year, Ozzy! These are some really nice quotes. I'm glad to see you making videos again, and I hope you have a wonderful year filled with good health and happiness. Also, you're a fraud investigator? That is so cool!

  11. MY. FAVOURITE. POKÉTUBER. The quality on this was awesome, your vids always are high quality but I think this is your best work yet!

  12. Welcome back, Ozzy! I love what you've done with the channel. I've always been a fan of your work but I like how much effort you put into the quality of your videos. These quotes were super inspiring and I LOVE how you highlighted each word as you said it. It was a very nice touch, Ozzy! Keep up the great work.


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