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Questions & Answers:

Q. What systems do you play on?
A. XboxOne,PS4,WiiU,Xbox360,PC,Nintendo3DS,PS3

Q. How do you record your videos?
A. I use the Elgato HD60 to record all of my gaming videos

Q. What Microphone equipment do you have?
A. I use a Blue Yeti Pro/RODE PSA1 Mic Arm/Blue Yeti Shock Mount

Q. What do you use to edit your videos?
A. I do all my editing in Final Cut Pro X

Q. What are your gaming accounts?
A. XBL – runJDrunJDrun/PSN – run_JD_run/WiiU – runJDrun or JDWitherspoon/STEAM – RUNJDRUN

Q. What are your PC specs?
A. I have to look that up I kinda forgot If you have anymore questions just leave me a comment or tweet me.

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  1. 5:50 You're absolutely right. I just imagined someone being a shot by a cop and then the cop perform an instant transmission like they're fucking Goku.

  2. But isn't R. Mika the voice of Amethyst (Steven Universe) (Michaela Dietz), and Naruto is the old principle lady from Lab Rats (Maile Flanagan).

  3. Well they definitely captured the feels of a 90s cartoon with that dialogue. I could taste the cheese from here. And seriously if you made a drinking game outta everytime they said muscle spirit in that 10 min span you'd be under the table.

  4. what the hell happened to street fighter games? I remember when they were good this shit straight garbage. JD I hope you play tekken 7 when it comes out on consoles 👍

  5. So glad I'm not into fighting games anymore because I would be upset about this street fighters 5 I rather play one of those many street fighters 2 games

  6. The Japanese voices are so much better than the english ones, imo. Karin's English voice is a bit cringey to me… The best English voice is R. Mika's. ;-P

  7. I thought for sure R. Mika's voice actress did the voices of Naruto and Black Star from Soul Eater, but it turns out each of the three characters were voiced by different people. It seems like anime voice acting/dubbing attracts people with the same voice.

  8. Only R. Mika and Naruto's Japanese voice actors are the same but the English voice actors still sounds similar which is funny

  9. I watch naruto and lab rats so I know Maile Flanagan's voice when I hear it and Mika's voice sounds nothing like it

  10. Is it me or does R. Mika's voice actor sound like she has phlegm at the back throat? Damn. If it is Naruto's voice actor, the voice has done it damage.


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