Jurassic Ark Modded Series Begins! (Jurassic Ark Mod Gameplay Part 1)


Hello! Welcome back to Ark! This Modded Ark Series is the Jurassic Ark mod, which adds 60 new dinosaurs and changes to the original game! The server is also available to play on by my viewers by joining my Patreon: Hopefully you enjoy my Jurassic Ark Modded Gameplay!


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  1. im going to recreate what your base look like by the end of this video but make it look really esthetically pleasing

  2. Lol I didn’t remember subbing to this guy like 2 years ago so I went to sub but I was already subbed I was so cunfused

  3. Hello turn up your setting so max level is 150 it is really not that hard but it does add and extra little bit of challenge

  4. Loving the series PR, not trying to be annoying but I need some help with my YouTube Channel if you peeps don't mind!

  5. "that added 60……………. Some are redesign some are new" he never said what the sixty was. Quality content

  6. Arkamania!!! Alright… You rock man , Love the channel.. One Question. Chris is a cool addition and really connects with you on the game tip. Is he your new protege? Lol . Big fan keep em comming!!

  7. Royal, you should make the challenge clear for kill the rude-meanie challenge, 1 person must do it alone and have video proof from start to finish for evidence that it had full-hp from the start. xD

  8. Pretty sure when a seagull makes you drop your weapon it actually drops on the ground (it certainly has for me). If it happens again have a look around you and you should get it back. edit: just an fyi and you have probably come across this, if you are placing a wall one foundation in and it faces the outer towards you (where you had to flip it) then it is snapping to the inside of the outer foundation, if you continue this to a wall that doesn't have an outer foundation you will have a slight offset resulting in a gap in your ceiling. Shouldn't be affected the way it is at the moment but just a reminder for going forward because, ocd.


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