LeetCode Tutorial 69. Sqrt(x)


GoodTecher LeetCode Tutorial 69. Sqrt(x) (Java)

LeetCode Tutorial by GoodTecher. The tutorial provides a step-by-step demonstration on how to solve coding problems.

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  1. bad solution, do not use this. instead check this solution:

    class Solution {
    public int mySqrt(int x) {
    if (x < 2) return x;

    long num;
    int pivot, left = 2, right = x / 2;
    while (left <= right) {
    pivot = left + (right – left) / 2;
    num = (long)pivot * pivot;
    if (num > x) right = pivot – 1;
    else if (num < x) left = pivot + 1;
    else return pivot;

    return right;

  2. This code actually doesn’t work for the test case: X=8. It goes into an infinite loop. This is garbage code and I don’t think you even understand the solution.

  3. 看了很多不同的视频 你的概念思路是讲的最好的 非常清楚 感谢 请继续 并且可以把70题加上吗?


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