Let's Play: Highlander – The Board Game


Alessio Cavatore and Jack Caesar from River Horse Games are here to show us how to play the upcoming Highlander The Board Game.

Based on the classic Christopher Lambert movie of the 1980’s, the game will have you equipping swords, finding allies, and duelling familiar immortals. Fans of the movie will recognise Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, The Kurgan, and Connor MacLeod himself, who will all be fighting until there is only one!

Each immortal has been brought to life in detailed miniature form and along with the familiar locations and items, you will be able to relive your favourite moments from the movie.

If this has piqued your interest be sure to check out the kickstarter launching 12th of January 2018.


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  1. ummm… I know someone took there time and energy to develop this, but wow this game looks terrible. I'll pick it up for the miniatures. everything else is going into the trash or eBay.

  2. I made my own Highlander board game years ago, and it is a true BOARD game in the traditional sense. If you win a fight you gain strength. It is an elimination game but players that are 'out' can still participate until 'There Is Only One', who of course wins. It also features 'Holy Ground' safe places, and "The Gathering" and "Quickening" effects.

  3. The game looks very dull and uninspired unfortunately. I cannot be sure but it does not seem well balanced either. Pity…

  4. Couldn't you do 2 players using 3 fighters a piece or 3 with 2? Seems it would make it last longer, mitigate the quick death, and surely make choices more interesting. Would surely stop the complaining of the 1st round death as well.

  5. huge potential for PvP sword based game, completely wasted. the cards drawing and dice rolling look lame. I'm out. thanks for saving me cash.

  6. One of my favorite movies of all time as a kid and as an adult hell yeah I'm getting this game when is Kickstarter start?!

  7. "Draw a card, you are beheaded". If that's even a small possibility for a first-round player elimination I would still never play this "game".

  8. It looks very funny and entertaining! I will definetely be aware if the KS and if the shipping is not too high I'm in!


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