Let's Play Xenogears – Part 70: Big Joe The Card Troll


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Before looking for Bart on the Thames, we play cards with Big Joe who makes it more annoying then it needs to be. We then look around the Thames for Elly who ends up not even being there~
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Xenogears was developed by Square Product Development Division 3 and published by Square Electronic Arts for the Sony Playstation~

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  1. ahahahah at how much you suck at that card game… I didnt cheat or anything and I beat Joe my second time…

    but just had to laugh at you

    "It's not that hhhaaarrrddd! I just don't get it!" hahaha

  2. Ive found the best way to beat this game with the highest probability of winning is by letting P2 play all his card before acting and then decide waht you can throw down, then what he will, then what you can. That way you can always beat him to the punch.

  3. It sucks that the only card player that gave you much trouble was Big Joe, of all people. I felt bad just losing to him once.


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