Let's Refurb! – Original 1996 GameBoy Light | Pokémon Sticker Fest!


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Did you guys enjoy the classic style of videos? I felt like i owed it to my original viewers, pre knock off review.

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  1. Hey retro future I have a question can you play us games on there and also how long is the life spawn of the light screen? Like the one that you have please reply or someone here thanks

  2. In a video you commented about not buying from J4U. I just got a DSi from them, everything seems to be in good order, are they dodgy? Should I return my DSi?

  3. Hey elliot, My dad bought me a backlit dmg, but there are air bubbles in the screen. Is there any way to get them out without taking the screen apart?

  4. Thank you so much Elliot! I have just recently bought a limited edition pokemon gameboy advance with Latios and Latias on it and I noticed that it had a VERY spotty on/off switch and a very unstable and fuzzy volume tuner. But after seeing that you put a drop of alcohol on the switch, I thought I could try that to see if I finally had a solution to the problems. After taking it apart for the hundredth time, I put a drop of alcohol on each part and moved them about, which is what you did in this video. And I am extremely happy to say that after testing the once faulty buttons, they now work flawlessly! This makes me love the console 10000x and I can’t thank you enough.

  5. Hey. I just bought a really good condition Gameboy Light, the speaker doesn't work. I bought it for $60USD! It's Gold, and has battery cover, screen lens is scratched, but I also bought a replacement lens. Was this a good deal, sure feels like it. I wanted too ask you, when I get the GBL,
    which speaker can I replace the old one with, I'm guessing a GBP speaker would work. Any suggestions?

  6. Took apart my gameboy light for the first time today cleaned the buttons,contacts,speaker (like you did in video) and switch used your video to know what to expect and inspiration. Really happy with the way it came out. Thanks for the video

  7. I got a game boy color and when I got it. It was scratched but… it still works and the game I had was marble madness and I can only beat level 3. Also the game boy color was kiwi. Like if you have a game boy color and a marble madness game!

  8. I wouldn't use isopropyl in any switches, certainly not 70%. That is 30% water and when you drip it into an enclosed switch, it takes a lot longer for it to evaporate and you risk short circuiting something. I would use something meant for such a job like contact cleaner. It doesn't contain water and does a better job at cleaning knobs and switches by actually removing built up oxidation on the metal contacts. You can get it at any electronics supply store. A super popular one is DeoxIT D5

  9. have you thought of modding a gameboy to be rechargable using a lithium cell?
    i remember when i was 13 i converted my gameboy color to using lithium cells when i found a mobile phone battery on my way home from school one day
    so it can take the extra voltage (well mine could anyway) though i still had to remove the battery every few weeks to recharge it

  10. Here’s a quick tip: Use citrus cleaner to get any excess adhesive off. You should be able to pick up a decent size spray bottle for a few pounds

  11. “This is a well looked after Gameboy”

    Turns it over to see 15 million Pokémon stickers
    Now that I️ think about it, did the person just fell like putting their whole Pokémon sticker book on it?

  12. Don’t you notice the music is super-loud compared to the voice? I have to keep playing with the volume with every one of your videos.

  13. Hey, can I ask you a question. I have a gameboy pocket with a broken screen but there are no replacement screens on the internet for sale from what I can see. Would an original gameboy screen work?

  14. Hey Elliot, I just made a video on a similar product you bought. It's the £1.50 one that didn't work. But mine looks like a Gameboy. This comment will probably be marked as spam but check this link anyway so you can see what the game was.

  15. Why the music in your videos is always so loud!?!? Have to constantly keep my finger on volume control to change it between speech and music.

  16. I bought a Gameboy light that works perfectly fine but the colors on the edge were scraped off. Do you recommend me to spray painting it so it looks brand new?


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