Make a Pool Heater – $25 Solar Pool Heater


How to make a cheap solar pool heater out of some basic parts you can pick up on Amazon or at your local hardware store.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Irrigation tubing:
I used 200ft, and found it cheaper at my local hardware store.
Irrigation tubing hose connector for pump:
Depending on your pool and pumps setup you may be able to run this off your pools pump, if not here’s a pump:

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  1. Just curious, wouldn’t the natural heating of the water circulate the water in the tubes? Cold and hot water and all just moving around?

  2. Add clear plastic to put more heat in the coils (or even use bubble wrap, if cold outside). -Wind takes lots of your heat away… if you need it to be even better. 🙂
    -plus the black paint on the wood. (as Mike T says below.)

  3. Good idea but if you put the pump and output hose (headed water) on the opposite sides of the pool. You'll achieve maximum efficiency. Water is colder at the bottom so put the pump as low as possible in the pool. 👍

  4. The expensive heaters that go on your roof are way more efficient than that spool of pipe. That is why they are expensive.

  5. I built 2 of them and daisy chained them together. My pool water temp was about 75 and the water coming out was about 83-84 at about 100 gallons per hour flow. If i cut down the flow down to 50 gallons per hour the water coming out was about 95 . Are there any math nerds here who can figure out which flow is more efficent?

  6. Good idea man, but how is that water coming out of a garden hose going to heat up a full pool like that? Just doesn't seem like enough flow to make a difference

  7. That may be the temp that comes out when you initially turn the pump on but that water is going to come out lukewarm at best. Mathematically, there’s just no way you could heat an entire swimming pool with that trickle of water. This is a terrible instructional. Don’t waste your time guys.

  8. I did the math, NERD THAT I AM,and heres how its looking if you simply covered your pool with a solar cover you would be warm in 4 days.this method will do no good due to ambient air during day and heat loss plus evaporation in the evening. But i am curious to ask you…did you see any difference prior to hot days where the pool warmed to 80°F? Im always looking for a way to outsmart math! Again, NERD THAT I AM. i subscribed btw bcuz im all about that LET ME LEARN HOW TO DO THIS MYSELF AND CUT OUT THE MIDDLEMAN AND THE CREEPY HANDYMAN I WOULD OTHERWISE BE FORCED TO HIRE THEN BE TERRIFIED TILL ETERNITY BECAUSE NOW SOME WEIRDO HAS OUR ADDRESS…maybe ive watched too many crime shows…or maybe bcuz ive seen too much gore in real life either way im all about learning to do crap myself it costs so much hard earned dough to pay someone hundreds of dollars for something that might cost only $50 bucks to diy. Cheers mate! Thanks for posting the vid.looking fwd to checkin out ur other vids. Namaste 🌐✌🏼🕊

  9. Can you confirm a few things. you say you used 1/4" tubing and the link is to 1/4" pipe, but it looks like you are using 1/2" tubing. I ordered and tried to follow your exact setup and my tubing and amount of excess space is way different than your video. Also how many gallons per hour pump do you recommend?

  10. To heat a oool a solar needs to be at least 80% of the pool surface area. This won’t do a thing. ☹️

  11. DoItYourselfDad thanks for this tip. I have a summer waves pool and i made this project. Just curious while positioning it I plugged the piping until I could position this correctly the hosing heated but once I unplugged it and water started running the piping and water quickly cooled and it just ran cold. Did I do something wrong?

  12. Idk man seems like a lot of work when I could just drink beer and let the sun do the same thing in a couple days.

  13. Great idea and thanks for making the video. Did you notice a difference in your pool temperature after about a week?

  14. Do the math on this, but a quick look says you simply don't have enough surface area to make a difference.

    If it's solar heat your going for then just put something black on the bottom of the pool. Or just throw your contraption into the pool directly and save the money spent pumping.

    Really not seeing how the scale of this can work.

  15. Did you try covering it with plexiglass? I think that would help get the tubing hotter so you could increase flow.

  16. How about ice/ water shield( roofing material) UNDER PIPING, absorbs heat and put return line close to bottom. HEAT RISES RIGHT ?

  17. For less than a dollar put some black bin bags on the water to cover the pool and it will do the same but faster

  18. "So this is working the same way that those expensive heaters work that go on to the roof of you house, but this only cost me 25 bucks."
    It might be a factor of 100 cheaper but also works a factor 100 less good. 😂

  19. I use the dark air bubble covers for a 15K gallon, and that worked great. Insulates the water, and its almost too hot to be for being refreshing.

  20. This will never work!!I built the same thing, smaller pool, 7 years ago… it will never actually heat. Good luck tho!


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