Making YouTube Banner with Fezo EP.10 – Pro Gaming Banner [Template Included]


Whats up guys. Fezo here. Welcome to episode 10 of “making youtube banner with fezo”. I will try to upload more videos about background. I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Download Files + Pro Gaming Banner Template:

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  1. Thank you man, you helped me soo much for my univrsity project. Big like for you and subscribe 😄❤️

  2. Hey, I know i'm a little late (this video is 4 years old now) lol but I just want to say that this guy is legit. also the time you spent on giving away this set is amazing! Keep up the great work my friend!

  3. Can I pay you to make me one for Battlefield 4? I need it 1900×350 … middle to say BATTLEFIELD CLAN. GAMING changed to THE NEW and then BANNER changed to ORDER? The characters would be of course BF 4 characters.

  4. I have tried to edit the logo a thousand times. The colors just don't come out right. I give up. Thanks for the video. Cool logo.


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