Massive Cleavage VS Zombies – Steam Indie Games Review


Hello Im Skill Incarnate and welcome to another of my reviews

This is a Review of the Indie Game Massive Cleavage Vs Zombies.
Unfortunately due to a number of Serious issues found during playtesting and review i cannot recommend this game in its current state.
Please do not spread hate to the developer. Review is my opinion only.
Review Score: 3/10 Not Recommended

Please Note: Game was provided free of charge by the Developer

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Massive Cleavage VS Zombies On Steam


Your mission is to find BBQ sauce for your people and bring it back to them. Fighting off thousands of zombies with only your massive cleaver and equally massive cleavage.

The game is played with simple arcade mechanics (move left, move right, high attack, low attack), and it starts you off with an easy amount of zombies to re-kill. But each level adds more and more zombies, and eventually dogs that will chew your face off in a couple seconds.


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