August 27, 2020
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A little game I made for android.
Get it from the play store here:

Your aim is to get to the green area by going through the maze – only you can’t see it.
Each time you hit a wall you will be reset and you have to remember where the walls are.
The whole maze becomes visible once you complete it.
There are 4 gamemodes:
⚫Practice – Walls will remain visible after you hit them
⚫Countdown – You have a time limit to progress
⚫Blind – After stepping off the start point you are invisible as well as the walls

Each gamemode has 4 difficulties:
⚫Easy – 5×8 grid
⚫Normal – 9×16 grid
⚫Hard – 19×32 grid
⚫Extreme – 37×64 grid

♫Music By♫
●Seffy – Moonlight
●YouTube –
●Soundcloud –


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