Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Installation – Step By Step Process To Install SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Tutorial: Learn how to install Microsoft SQL Server 2017. A step by step guide for Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Installation. SQL Server Basics Concepts Course

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SQL Server Installation

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Learn step by step introduction to the Microsoft SQL Server 2017 database concepts. In this course you will learn about Database, tables, insert, select, update, delete, Joins, Temp tables, Stored Procedure, SQL Injection And Advantages of Stored Procedure, Built-in Functions, User Defined Function, Trigger and Views.

Create Database

SQL Server Joins

SQL Table



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  1. when i downloaded the .exe file and run as administrated it show me error "your operating system is not supported by SQL server 2017" what should i do?

  2. I want to install sql server which i want to use for my web application. Which one will be better? Express or developer?

  3. Sir, this is at least the 5th time in several years i am coming to this video as a reference guide.
    You are a life saver!

  4. When i tried to install ssms after sql server 2017
    It displayed the error :"the version of win10 or win server 2016 is not supported. Please upgrade to version 1607 or greater"


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