Mind-Warping Marble Maze


This is the Perplexus Warp, a whole new kind of brain teasing concentration puzzle.

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Combine a Rube Goldberg Machine with a labyrinth and throw in a pinch of race track and you get the Perplexus Warp, a marble maze puzzle housed in a transparent shell.

Flip, twist, and spin the shell to roll the marble along a track and traverse 80 challenging events and six checkpoints in three stages. You’ll need logical thinking skills to solve the maze run and manual dexterity to make it happen. When you fall off the track—and you will—you’ll need to start all over! Once you’ve mastered the maze, challenge a friend to a time trial.

Get solving with the frustratingly awesome Perplexus Warped.


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  1. didn’t think i’d need to see jamie, a grown man, playing with a 3-d maze toy, shirtless and floating in the distant mountains. even so, here we are.

  2. I have one of these! My mom got it for me before I knew what Vat19 was XD. She just called it a puzzle ball though XD

  3. "Frustratingly fun"
    ok this thing is fucking ANNOYING.
    whenever you fall off you have to do the entire thing over again.

    Altough when you shake it,it has a high chance of dropping to the end but this thing is super furiating.

  4. I have the skilled hands(i am not asian if anyone gonna tell me that because i play rythm games)but you people who use dollars keep getting a discount -_-(29.99 seriously)

  5. I used to have a perplexus, then my dad decided to put it at the bottom of a bag when we moved. One day I asked him to help me find it and it had a huge dent on the shell. My bro then tried to fix it after I got mad at my dad for being so careless with it when I trusted him. It's now gone in a landfill somewhere after my dad and bro crushed it. I'm still mad.😡

  6. I once saw a similar thing meant for kids age 3 and up. No one could solve it for a few hours, I threw it on the ground and by some dumb luck the ball fell to the finish point. We destroyed it later.

  7. My friend has a sphere that’s the same as that but different finger skills the sphere is like yellow and gray perplexes warp is orange and grey


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