Minecraft: 20+ Banner Build Hacks and Ideas


Welcome to another build ideas style video! In this video, I will be showing you how to build a series of banner designs to improve your Minecraft world! Each idea comes with a full tutorial so it should be easy to follow!

If you are ever unsure what to add to your Minecraft home or world, then this is the video for you! With over 20 unique and creative ideas for a wide range of banner decorations and designs, including couch pillows, computer monitors, curtains, towels, doors, lamps and even Japanese/oriental style banners this will provide you with the knowledge to upgrade your world and turn it in to something amazing! There are also other general build tips and tricks in the video, so that the banners can be used as effectively as possible!

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  1. Do you know how to make a bunny on a banner? I've been wanting to know how it goes but some tutorials go to fast

  2. do the drawers with item frames work with creative mode? i tried it today and the banners wouldn't go on the block 🙁

  3. These designs are awesome. I've been playing Mixcraft for a while now I don't know how to use Redstone very well thank you

  4. I’m a pe player and I’m so annoyed when you can’t place banner outside of the item frame or item frame with a button put on the block or the signs out of the item frame.

  5. At first thought when i watched this was `They are literally good at this! They deserve more likes :O`

    I like your video, they not clickbaits for me for the 1st time. I sometime get clickbait like types of these videos. Nice video by the way! 😀


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