Paperboy on Game Boy / Will retro last?


Gameplay and commentary from Paperboy, being played (badly) on the Game Boy retro handheld video games console.

Today’s question for Q&A is from Sean Woolfenden

‘FOR Q&A… Do you think the retro gaming scene will become more less mainstream and become more less popular in the future? I personally feel it the current
generation of 30-50 yr olds in general who are reliving their childhood or will it continue to grow or just always be around? I ask this as while i feel the
recent announcement of a 3rd arcade club opening in blackpool will too much retro kill the scene again and it slowly go back to a “geek” club? I worry thins
may go away in time like the arcade scene died in the 90s
Hope this makes sense! :)’

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  1. Atari 2600s seem to actually be dirt cheap even boxed and good condition, as are the games. I equate this to be because they were so successful in their day that there are so many of them around AND the slow "moving on" of those that remember them as kids. I'm glad we agree on the "streaming is evil" and I'm so happy to see the very thought of streaming services has died down a little. It may come back once they have the infrastructure to support it, but hopefully not. That said, DRM Digital Only are "almost" as bad from a collection and future retro scene perspective.

  2. Meanwhile, retrogaming became part of popular culture. Even non-gamers recognize Mario, Donkey Kong or Doom and there are references to those games in movies and TV shows. This univerzalization may prevent some of the games, images or pieces of video-game music from falling into complete obscurity.

    Also, there is a new generation, which grew up with games like Shovel Night, Minecraft or Terraria, which will be looking for sources of inspiration for their beloved games. Retrogaming made pixelart universally fashinable, which may contribute to its continuation as a distinct artistic style, regardless of its connection to "retro".

    In the end, I think it will continue in one way or another.

  3. Yeah, it would be hard to get retrogaming with DRM and/or online dependent services, unless some clever folks will crack the code to remove such protection.
    10:04 Hi Evie 🙂

  4. "I don't know what I mean, do you've got no chance!"
    That should be the tagline to your channel. 😉
    Personally, I kind of hope "mainstream retro" dies. Quickly. But, I'm one of those people who felt "special" when video games and computers were "just a nerd thing," so…

  5. I think you pretty much nailed it with your answer. 10 /20 years more mainstream retrogaming because we 35/40/50 year olds like nostalgia but I don't think it will die either. The hardware will stay and the models that were real game changers at the time will always be desirable because they went down in history books. Pong , Atari 2600 , C64, NES , Megadrive , PSX , Saturn , N64, Dreamcast, ps2 ecc. There will always be someone who wants the real thing too… me thinks

  6. If this wasn't already getting the thumbs up (which it was) that succinct rant against The S*n newspaper sealed it. 🙂

  7. With regard to "retro" streaming only games, I can imagine a future lukemorse1 repairing the servers to run the games in house. I agree that streaming is a terrible idea, though.

  8. It took me a while before I realized Paperboy was actually a shoot em up. Having grown up with the DOS version, I was later surprised by how difficult it is to control every other port. The reason is because you don't have to hold up to maintain your speed in the DOS port. You hold up to accelerate to the speed you want, and it stays there unless you hold the down key (or whatever keys to which you mapped the controls).

  9. Thanks again steve 🙂 nice cat 😉 i just picked up streets of rage 4 on the pc and also capcom beat em up bundle too its on sale on steam at the mo

  10. Back in the day, it felt like there was eff all else to do so you’d throw yourself into even the crappiest games and systems and soak up all the limited information there was about them and upcoming releases. Nowadays we have pretty much every record, film, book and video game available at our fingertips (and Tinder i hear!) and it’s cheaper and easier to flit from one thing to the next without forming as much of a connection with what we’re consuming. So maybe that will result in less interest in all things retro in the future. On the other hand, the world seems to be getting shitter on a daily basis so maybe people will be more nostaligic about days gone by. Interesting question that and thanks for the video. P.s. I always thought Paperboy looked cool but my brain couldn’t square the handlebar controls with the isometric view for some reason.

  11. Yeah I stink at paperboy too. Probably the isometric throws me off. I must say I love the sounds of the early to mid Atari arcades!

  12. Great answer to that question. Maybe the lack of collectability in future (or even current, which rely do heavily on the availablity of post release patches) generations of consoles will see an up-spike in interest in older generations. People will always like to own physical things and go collect/hoard. But then the other factor is the slow but inevitable decline in available working units to actually play the retro stuff on. So yes, ultimately, I think it will die. Just like everything else. #happyhappyjoyjoy 🙂


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