Pool Heater For Free Kind Of Easiest Pool Hack!


Thank you fellow YouTuber Solar_Master for the video you shared on using just a garden hose to heat you’re pool. Please go watch his videos support his channel he rocks! My solar cover wasn’t helping and I couldn’t get the temp to a safe level to swim in until I tried his genius idea & it worked! Heated it over 20 degrees in one 80 degree day! Amazing, the kids can finally get in their pool, it’s been torture having it all ready to go but too cold. Also this is the Coleman 18×18 round pool with windows. The pump is an upgraded one I bought separate its the Intex 2800 sand filter and we are running a saltwater system this year. Hope this helps so many people & happy pooling everybody!

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  1. Thank you for the awesome video. I actually tried it this way and nothing would stay in place at the return so I sanded it down after removing the grates on return fitting. I made a video on it and gave you credit for this hose idea. Thanks again

  2. Just install a t-adaptor with a shut off valve on your water return line back to pool, then run your hose off that, will look better and won't be all that just laying around. Most efficent way would be installing a small box on the corner of your house roof, run the hose from the t-adaptor up/down your gutter downspout to box on roof. Where is it going to get more heat, on the ground or on the roof.

  3. I just ordered a 50 foot black hose from amazon right now cuz of this video.. 30 bucks well spent omg cannot wait for Wednesday, it's been sooo cold and the pool is filled but I need to get in it!

  4. How much of an increase in temperature did you get just using that one piece of hose? Also you should maybe consider going back to Home Depot and getting yourself a black hose because black will absorb the heat much better

  5. Dang! Just yesterday i was thinking of tossing that same yellow hose. While thinking how to heat the same pool we just put up!! No lie!!! 😮

  6. Couple of suggestions. Coil your hose as best you can, and paint it black. It will absorb more of the sun's rays. The coil allows the heat to transfer a bit between coils. Great idea.

  7. I have to ask. How many degrees did this help the temp rise? My pool last year was sitting around 72 and I found it so cold lol

  8. I was wondering if you had a way to do the same type of thing without having the hose running through the return

  9. I have been on a binge watch of "DIY Solar Pool Heaters" … This is by far the simplest one so far. We just finished setting up our Coleman Pool, kids have slightly enjoyed it for 2 days for about an hour each day with 70 degree water 🤣 I'm definitely going to try this! Thank you.

  10. Bullshit. This technique ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT WORK. Don’t waste your time. This is the second video I’ve seen selling this nonsense.

    The temp at the hose is hotter, but what they don’t tell you is there’s NO WAY it’ll heat the entire pool. Not even if you run it all day long.

    I did this same thing and ran the pump for HOURS in the middle of a sunny day. Cold pool. Stop wasting people’s time and money. Got a lot of shit to return to Lowe’s now.

    I can prove it too for five bucks. Get a black 5 gallon bucket , fill it up, and set it in the sun. All day. It won’t get hotter than pee warm. Now imagine dumping 5 or 6 of those in a 200+ gallon swimming pool over the course of a day, while it cools back off. Go try it, a bucket and lid will cost you 5$, you’ll only have a bucket to take back.

    Putting black garbage bags on the surface doesn’t do shit either so forget that one too.

  11. I tried this hack and it worked beautifully. I used two garden hoses to add heating capacity. Thanks for posting this video.

  12. Thank you so much, I was trying to heat up my pool. It`s crystal clear but the water is cold. I tried cover that came with the pool, because is black and it might heat up, but it wasn`t. We were thinking about buying a heat pump but it`s to expensive, so today I`ll try it.

  13. I also have another question what do you do to your pool when it rains cause mine turns green do you know how to prevent it?


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